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Jasmine Roth

California-based designer and builder Jasmine Roth transforms cookie cutter houses into custom dream homes in HGTV’s Hidden Potential. Growing up in Virginia, Jasmine spent her childhood weekends building playhouses and furniture in her dad’s garage. She attended Northeastern University in Boston where she met her husband, Brett, and graduated with a business degree in entrepreneurship and new venture management from the school of business. Jasmine later moved to California to pursue a career in corporate consulting. Shortly thereafter, she purchased a piece of land in downtown Huntington Beach with plans to develop it as a side investment, which then led to the birth of her boutique development company, Built Custom Homes. As owner and founder, Jasmine runs her projects with a hands-on approach and customizes each home to the family that will eventually live there.When she isn’t on the jobsite, Jasmine loves to play with her dogs, travel, snowboard, cook and spend time with her family.

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