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Rock the Block Finale Crowns Season 4 Winners

The designers pose after a walkthrough of team Bryan and Sarah Baeumler'sbackyard red rock seating area and firepit, as seen on Rock the Block, Season 4...

Our favourite HGTV designers and flippers got to work on the latest season of Rock the Block, renovating four identical 5,000-square-foot properties in Berthoud, Colorado. Each week they brought the competition in hopes of being crowned the Rock the Block winners, crafting jaw-dropping rooms to clock in with the highest appraisal value at the end.


In the big finale, each team was tasked with putting together their final rooms with whatever budget they had left. Last week’s exterior winners, Bryan and Sarah Baeumler (Island of Bryan), along with fellow cast members Michel Smith Boyd and Anthony Elle (Luxe for Less), Jonathan Knight and Kristina Crestin (Farmhouse Fixer), and Page Turner and Mitch Glew (Fix My Flip) got straight to work.

Meanwhile, former Rock the Block winners Jasmine Roth, Egypt Sherrod, and Mike Jackson stopped by to judge the finished homes and to name this season’s winner. Read on to find out which team came out on top.

Bryan and Sarah

Rock the Block judges in Bryan Baeumler and Sarah Baeumler's renovated home.

The Canadian couple only had $10,000 left in their budget (including some bonus cash from last week’s win), and they wanted to try and open up the view in their living room after crafting a two-way fireplace that blocked some of the views. In the end, they did what they could, but the judges agreed that while the fireplace paid off from the outside, inside, it did restrict too much of the gorgeous view.

One thing the judges did love, however, was the amazing stonework Bryan and Sarah featured throughout the home. They were also impressed by the spa downstairs but felt it wasted the opportunity to create another bedroom, which may have added more value to the finished space.

The luxe primary bedroom and ensuite more than made up for that, though, as did the home’s overall craftsmanship and outdoor space, which included a s’mores station. As for the kitchen? All of the judges agreed—two islands are always better than one!


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Michel and Anthony

Judges Jasmine Roth, Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson during the walkthrough of designers Michel Smith Boyd and Anthony Elle's finished lower deck for final judging, as seen on Rock the Block, Season 4..

While Michel and Anthony may have wondered whether all of their bold colour choices actually flowed from one room to the next, it turns out they needn’t have worried. From the moment the judges walked into the house, they were impressed at all of the luxe finishes and the home’s grandiose feel.

From the speakeasy and its memorable wallpaper in the basement, to the passthrough window by the downstairs deck, to the amphitheater setup in the backyard, the judges loved many of Michel and Anthony’s creative ideas. The fact that they added a Murphy bed to the flex/office space and another bathroom was pure genius, and they were also the only team to extend the smaller bedroom with a balcony, therefore giving the illusion of more space.

In fact, one of the only downsides the judges could find with this design was in the kitchen, where the triple-stacked upper cabinets were impossible to reach without a ladder (which wasn’t included).

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Jonathan and Kristina

Judges Jasmine Roth, Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson during the walkthrough of designers Jonathan Knight and Kristina Crestin's finished lower level barcade for final judging, as seen on Rock the Block, Season 4.

There was plenty to celebrate in Jonathan and Kristina’s finished home as well, including the gorgeous kitchen with dramatic beams and rounded corners on the island. The judges were mixed on the second kitchen and whether it added or detracted from the home’s overall value, but they all agreed it was beautiful—especially those brick floors.

Other highlights of the home the judges celebrated were the dramatic finishes in the living room, the craftsmanship of the bunk beds in the basement, and the second powder room with its funky wallpaper. They did feel as though the primary bedroom was on the small side, however, as was the (only) walk-in closet.


In the basement, the trio was pleasantly surprised by the arcade and bar, though, not to mention the funky pool room that could be closed up and made into another bedroom if need be. They also loved the sunken fireplace outside, which allowed for a clear and gorgeous view, plus the gear garage in the bonus room, which included a beer tap.

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Page and Mitch

Judges Jasmine Roth, Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson during the walkthrough of designers Page Turner and Mitch Glew's finished living room for final judging, as seen on Rock the Block, Season 4.

Alpine chic is what Page and Mitch promised, and that is exactly what they delivered in their space. There were many unique and pretty finishes throughout, from the suspended wine rack to the dual waterfall islands. The judges also loved the fireplace in the primary ensuite, and they deemed the living room (including the extended bookshelves and ladder) a downright showstopper.

Unfortunately, there were some rooms the judges just didn’t get. Like the extra back kitchen, which didn’t really add anything design-wise to the space, or the lack of storage in the primary bedroom. Plus, as much as they liked the idea of having another kitchen space to entertain with in the basement, the swings that Page and Mitch installed were just a bad idea. Not only were they too low, but Egypt proved how dangerous they can be when she fell off one.

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And the Rock the Block Winners are…

Designers Michel Smith Boyd (beige coat) and Anthony Elle celebrate after being declared the winners of Rock The Block season 4, as seen on Rock the Block, Season 4.


After touring the properties, Jasmine, Egypt, and Mike revealed that all four teams delivered homes that were appraised at more than $2.7 million. Not too shabby considering the initial $250K budget, right? But in the end, only one team could win this season, and there was a clear winner—with a mere $75,000 value difference from the runner-up.

So who won Rock the Block? In the end, it was Michel and Anthony whose home inched into the big win, proving they really do know how to do luxe for less. Their home was appraised at $2.85 million: a Rock the Block record. “You can see his love for fashion and my love for design in every room, so this is beyond what we could have expected,” Michel told the cameras.

“These six weeks have changed our lives forever,” added Anthony.

With that, another season of Rock the Block is in the books. Catch Rock the Block all over again on HGTV Canada, also available on the Global TV App and on STACKTV with Amazon Prime Video Channels, fuboTV, Rogers Ignite TV and Ignite SmartStream.

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