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Home Improvement

Planning a remodel in 2024? These are the home renovation trends currently on the rise.
November 20, 2023
Hear what colours the experts think will be big next year.
November 16, 2023
From themed suites to cozy kids' rooms, see Scott and Debra's best bedrooms of season 4.
November 10, 2023
Scott and Debra take on a historic cottage that has been in the family for a hundred years.
October 31, 2023
The Scott's Vacation House Rules team brings a little taste of French countryside to the Algonquin Highlands.
October 25, 2023
Who needs a contractor when it's this easy to do yourself.
October 20, 2023
See how Scott and Debra transform a dingy storage space into a stylish open-concept inn.
October 19, 2023
Here's how to choose a home renovation with an excellent return on investment.
October 18, 2023
Scott and Debra take on their largest project yet — with an indoor greenhouse!
October 12, 2023
Since they can be time-consuming, costly and unpredictable, find out which rooms might not be worth renovating in the year ahead.
October 9, 2023
See how the duo turns an unfinished cottage into a striking leisurely retreat.
October 5, 2023
We caught up with Bryan Baeumler for everything you need to know about Bryan's all In.
October 3, 2023