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Scott McGillivray and Debra Salmoni Overhaul an Indoor Greenhouse


Quirks are what make a house unique. In a world of cookie-cutter developments a little weird is good, but there are limits. For brothers, Mark and Michael, they found that limit in the home their parents purchased. Between funhouse mirrors, dated sunken tubs, and an indoor greenhouse smack dab in the middle of it all, it was more than the two could manage on their own. That’s where Scott McGillivray and Debra Salmoni came in. Together, they were ready to take on their biggest project yet. From the backyard pool to the indoor greenhouse, no leaf would be left unturned at this organic Oasis.


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Before: A Bland Bathroom

Dated and oversized sunken tub
HGTC Canada

Brothers Mark and Michael, were given the task of managing their parents’ new rental property. With the hopes of using it as supplemental income until they were ready to retire there, it had a long way to go.

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After: A Beautiful Spa

Spa-like bathroom of the Organic Oasis
HGTV Canada

Located in stunning Niagara Falls, this organic oasis is the biggest project the team has tackled yet, with the biggest bathroom. After removing the eyesore that was the tiled sunken tub, they got to work giving the space a spa-like feel. Complete with a eucalyptus diffuser, a wood-paneled feature wall, and an oversized soaker tub, the space feels both opulent and zen. 

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Unique Indoor Greenhouse

Renovated indoor greenhouse
HGTV Canada

A greenhouse right in the middle of a house is a unique attraction, but it takes more than just that. Interest is nothing without execution and the greenhouse being rusty was not going to cut it. Because of this, Scott and the team overhauled the space completely. By redoing the trim and paneling in black, the plants take center stage while giving the space a sleek and modern feel. Coupled with AstroTurf on the floor, the space seamlessly blurs the lines between nature and home. Now guests and plants alike can breathe a breath of fresh air. 


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Luxury Island

Spacious updated kitchen of the Organic Oasis
HGTV Canada

With the property being so large and opulent, it was expected that it would be used for entertaining. Because of this, it was important that the kitchen was not only capable of hosting, but also feeding large groups. The team pulled out all the stops, installing a full-sized beverage fridge, dual ovens, and a long waterfall island. By removing the unnecessary wall that separated the kitchen and dining room, the space functioned much better. It became as comfortable as it was practical. 

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Bright and Spacious Lounge

Relaxing modern living room with views of the indoor greenhouse
HGTV Canada

One of the few spaces that didn’t need much change was the living room. With a simple but spacious layout, a charming fireplace, and full view of the greenhouse it had all the potential it needed. Rather than let it rest on its laurels, Debra wanted to make the space as special as the rest of the house. By adding relaxing and elegant furniture, coupled with textured paneling on the walls, she did just that. Now guests can delight in the plant life while enjoying the comfort of home.

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