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Scott and Debra Make a Mid-Century Modern Getaway Young Again


Vacations are about more than just relaxing; they’re escapes and new experiences. For couple Andy and Jeff, that was escaping the city and experiencing retired life in a stylish mid-century modern retreat. After finding a stunning mid-century home in the heart of Prince Edward County, they just needed a little help sorting between the dated and the designer. That’s where Scott McGillivray came in, to take their new vacation home from dated to dazzling. Together, with designer Debra Salmoni, they turned this 60’s time capsule into a groovy mid-century modern getaway. Read on for details on the final design and watch the reveal video to see how Andy and Jeff react to the full transformation. 


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Dated and bland kitchen
HGTV Canada

Stuck In Time

Jeff and Andy had purchased the home with hopes of retiring in it some day. Until then, they were hoping to both enjoy it as a vacation property and rental opportunity. Even though the house was in excellent condition, that condition was from the 60’s. The home’s mid-century decor was a big part of why the couple fell in love with the home, but not all of that vintage charm was, well… charming.

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Stylish living room of the mid-century modern getaway
HGTV Canada

Keeping the Couch

At first, walking into the home was a bit jarring. With a bright red carpet taking up the whole living room it was hard to notice anything else. Thanks to that red-hot floor, it was easy to miss the incredible sectional sitting in the middle of the room. Overshadowed by the carpet and clad in an unassuming brown, it was a mid-century diamond in the rough. Thankfully, after a quick game of the-floor-is-lava, Scott and the team saved it so it could be reupholstered in a stunning avocado green. Now the couch sits as the focal point of a very Mad Men living room.

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Bedroom with funky vintage feature wall
HGTV Canada

A Flash of Funk

For the bedrooms, Debra wanted to bring elements of mid-century designs while still feeling luxe. She achieved just that by using vintage furniture and a single groovy feature wall in each bedroom. By doing so, she created a space that stayed consistent with the theme while not overwhelming. Now, guests will feel like they’re visiting a high-end hotel from their favorite era with all the modern amenities.

Vintage bathroom with original fixtures
HGTV Canada

Bathroom Throwback

For Scott, this renovation was a first. It was the first time that clients had specifically asked to save the dated colourful bathroom fixtures. In most cases that would have been a mistake, but not this home. After saving, refurbishing, and reinstalling those fixtures, Debra and Scott complimented them with some modern and stylish decor. Now the bathrooms are a porcelain picture of 60’s style.

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The private backyard of a mid-century modern getaway
HGTV Canada

Backyard Bliss 

Though Andy and Jeff bought the house, there was one more member of the family in charge of things: Archie, the dog. Their adorable pup needed a fenced-in area to enjoy himself. Not wanting to leave guests out, Scott took the opportunity to create a stunning yard for guests to enjoy in privacy. Complete with a wood burning fireplace and pizza oven, guests can relax outside while getting gourmet and groovy.

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