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Scott and Debra Bring Colourful Design to a Beachside Abode


When you think of the beach what comes to mind? Is it sunny weather, games on the sand, or chilling on the water? Whatever comes to mind, for most people the beach is bright and happy memories. Those are the exact type of memories rental buyers, Sarah and Rob, were hoping to provide their guests when purchasing a beachside house in trendy Crystal Beach. Located along the shores of Lake Erie, the home was in an ideal location and a not-so-ideal state. That’s why they called Scott McGillivray, to take this rental from beachside mess to surfside success. Together with designer Debra Salmoni they brought a pop of colour to this stunning beachside abode.


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Dark uninviting living space
HGTV Canada

Lackluster Listing

When Sarah and Rob first purchased the beachside property, it had very little going for it. With a confusing layout, shaped like an hourglass and laundry in the middle of the house, it felt claustrophobic. The footprint of the house was good, but with its bottleneck design and a bathroom that could only be accessed from the exterior it wasn’t practical. However, what it did have was something no renovation can provide, location. Being only a few yards from the beach, it was in the idea location for Scott’s team to bring out its full potential.

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warm inviting sunroom of the Beachside Abode with a pop of colour on the ceiling
HGTV Canada

Let There be Light

At the back of the house was a sunroom that had seen brighter days. Debra, never wasting a chance to lighten up a room, gave the room an open beachy feel. However, she didn’t stop at just the decor, she painted the ceiling yellow, so now guests can feel like they’re under the sun no matter the weather.

Stylish open-concept kitchen and dining area
HGTV Canada


Open to Entertaining

After the weird layout it started with, anything would have seemed spacious, but the team wasn’t resting on their laurels. Instead, they opened as much as possible, creating a seamless kitchen and dining space. Now guests can enjoy each other’s company and keep the fun going as they prepare dinner in style at the beachside abode.

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stylish beachy living space
HGTV Canada

Relaxing Retreat

Despite the draw of the beachside abode being the beach itself, it had to be inviting all on its own. To make sure the home felt just as leisurely as the beach, Scott and Debra designed a space that would be stylish, relaxing, and durable. That way the home would stand both the test of time and sand covered guests. Now Sarah and Rob know that their rental will look stunning throughout the years and the many many guests.

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Orange You Glad?

Being that the home was in such a trendy neighborhood, it would likely be competing with other rentals. In order to help it stand out against the competition (or stand out in general) Scott decided to go with orange siding. With the sunset siding installed, it’s now impossible to miss. Not only does the new colour give the house a fun and lighthearted vibe, but it serves as an excellent branding opportunity. With such a standout curb appeal, guests and locals alike won’t be able to forget the beachside abode in all its orange glory.

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