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Scott Brings His Vacation House Rules to a Breezy Beach House


Sister-in-laws Amanda and Emily always wanted a beachfront getaway of their own. To do so, they combined their finances to buy their ‘ugly duckling’ retreat. With a poor layout, lackluster exterior, and several layers of wood paneling, they needed assistance. With the help of Scott McGillivray and Debra Salmoni, they began making their breezy beach house a reality.


A garage with no purpose, wood paneling with more layers than an onion, and a loon statue deserving of the spotlight; this property had no shortage of surprises.

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Outdated cottage façade with awkward garage
HGTV Canada

Worst Use of the Best Space

Anyone looking to buy, rent, or improve a vacation home will agree, the view matters. It’s why there was so much potential for the Vacation House Rules team in Amanda and Emily’s vacation rental. It was a 3 bedroom/2 bath on a beautiful waterfront, but had that frontage being eaten by a useless garage. So Scott got to work, transforming it into a secondary living room that took full advantage of the view. Now the house makes the most of the views from any room.

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Breezy beach house with updated façade and exterior
HGTV Canada

Stretch Out the Season

Just because the weather is colder, it doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy our vacation properties, here in the Great White North. The team agreed, hence why they put in the work to make the beach house an all-season retreat. They installed a wood-fired hot tub, so that even winter guests can stay toasty while enjoying nature. Scott also ensured that the home was insulated and updated so that it would be inviting in any weather.

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Amanda, Emily, and Scott enjoy the new outdoor living space of the breezy beach house
HGTV Canada

Be Your Own Guest

Investing in a rental is also an opportunity to create a space that speaks to you and suits your needs. Fun-filled family memories, weekend getaways with friends, quiet personal time in nature; they’re all additional value. For Amanda and Emily, it was crucial their space also works in a way they will appreciate. It’s why the team installed artistic outdoor privacy screens. For these two families, quality time together held additional value. Adding a separation helped make the space more comfortable while also adding to the beauty of their space.

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