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Scott’s Vacation House Rules Finale Flips a Century-Old Cottage


Aging can be a beautiful thing. However, to age our best we need to take care of ourselves. The same can be said for a home. In the case of this heritage cottage, it was feeling its age after over a hundred years. Having been passed down to Ryan from his grandmother, it was a special place to both him and his family. Together, with his wife Ashlynn, they were determined to restore the property to its former glory and more. That’s when they called Scott McGillivray and Debra Salmoni. See how they transform this past-its-prime property into a stunning, historic hideaway for the Scott’s Vacation House Rules finale.


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The unfinished underutilized basement of the Vacation House Rules finale
HGTV Canada

Downstairs Letdown

Though the property had no shortage of memories and charm, there was nothing delightful about the basement. Having been left unfinished for the last century, the space was used only for storage. As in vogue as Brutalist architecture is, nobody finds cinder block walls and exposed studs fashionable. To fix this, the team got to work, finishing the basement, and increasing the cottage’s usable footprint significantly. By doing so, they added another bedroom and second living space. Thanks to the team, it went from dingy dungeon to delightful den.

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The well defined dining area with a black, white, and olive palette.
HGVT Canada

Defined Dining

Throughout the house Debra wanted to create a sense of cohesiveness and purpose. To tie the spaces together, she chose a black, white, and olive palette. This particular colour choice complimented the various textures and wood tones within the house. This was best showcased in the kitchen, where a shiplap ceiling and hardwood floors popped against the more muted tones. The well-defined dining area, coupled with large panoramic windows, allow the surrounding nature to shine through. After all, everything tastes better with a view.

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Stunning fireplace of the Heritage Hideaway from the Vacation House Rules finale
HGTV Canada

Fancy Fireside

At its core, this property was special because of the memories that it held. After more than three generations in the family, it was a place to gather and cement bonds. To ensure that it could continue to do so, Scott wanted the living space to always feel relaxing and comfortable. He did just that by centering the designs around the gorgeous fireplace and mantle. Whether you’re the owners or guests, there should always be a place for people to come together. Now, this historic home is ready for another hundred years of memories (and serious rental income).

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