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Watch This Genius Gift Wrap Hack: How to Make a DIY Gift Bag

DIY paper gift bag

Published November 30, 2017, Updated December 3, 2020


For awkwardly shaped soft parcels like stuffed animals, mittens or tea towels, a DIY paper gift bag is the perfect gift wrapping solution. No matter the size, you can craft a DIY paper bag to fit just about any gift, and it’s easier than you’d think. Keep reading to see our steps for creating a custom DIY paper gift bag.

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Materials Required:

  • Wrapping paper
  • Tissue paper
  • Ribbon
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • A Hole Puncher

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Step One: Determine the Size of Your Gift Bag

Using the item you’re wrapping, place it on your wrapping paper, leaving two to three inches on each side (this will be the size of your “pocket” gift bag), and then double the size of the pocket. For example, if your item spans 10 inches, add two inches on each side, for a total of 14 inches, and then cut your piece of gift wrap to 28 inches across. Be sure to leave two to three inches above and below the item as well.

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Step Two: Fold the Top of What Will Be Your Gift Bag

Once your paper is cut, fold the top of your wrapping paper twice, by one inch.

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Step Three: Connect the Sides of Your Pocket

Keeping the top folded from step two, fold one side of your paper into the middle, and fold the other side in to meet it. Fold the second side so that it overlaps with the first folded side, and glue it down.

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Step Four: Create the Base of Your Bag

Fold one third of the bottom of your bag up and then release. Then, fold each outer corner of the bottom up diagonally to meet the crease you just created.

With the outer corners folded up, open the pocket you’ve created to reveal a diamond shape.

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Fold the bottom corner of the diamond up to the centre of the diamond, and fold the top corner of the diamond down and glue it to the bottom corner that is now in the centre as well.

Step Five: Define the Sides of Your Gift Bag

Fold the sides of the bag in and define the creases. This will give the sides of your bag a firmer structure.

Step Six: Open Your Bag

After folding in the sides, release them, and use the open end to expand your bag.

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Step Seven: Add Handles


Using your hole punch, create two holes on both of the wide sides, about three inches apart. Thread about six inches of ribbon through on each side, tying each end in a knot to keep the handle in place.

Once your bag is complete, place your gift inside, top it with tissue paper and it’s ready for its lucky recipient!

Watch our video to see all the steps for making a DIY Paper Gift Bag:


For more creative DIY ideas, visit the Holiday Guide.

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