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21 Simple Ways to Fall in Love With Your Home Again in 2021

renovated living room with kitchen seating area in the background from the HGTV Canada show Save My Reno

They say it’s smart to love the one you’re with, but it’s not always that easy to really, truly stay in love with the home you live in – especially if you’ve been spending way more time there this year. Whether you’re bored of your decor, you’re tired of tripping over the same pile of clutter or you’re just stumped for home improvement ideas to make your living space more livable, we’ve got you covered. These simple, budget-friendly ideas can inspire you to refresh your space – so be prepared to fall in love with your home (again).


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1. Paint the Walls

As much as you once loved a colour, it’s normal to get a little sick of seeing the same thing day after day. Painting the walls is a simple house improvement that you can DIY, and it can totally transform the look of a room. For maximum impact, try a bold hue like the luxe blue in this Save My Reno dining room.

2. …or Paint the Ceiling

If you really want to spice things up with paint, think beyond a room’s walls. Adding colour to unexpected places like the flooring or ceiling is an inexpensive way to give any space a dramatic makeover, as this delightful Family Home Overhaul kids’ room shows.

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3. Step Up Your Front Steps

A little curb appeal goes a long way, and something as simple as a new doormat can dress up your front door in a big way. Want a custom look? Here’s how to DIY your own front doormat.

4. Fix the Little Things

Small things like a leaky faucet or cabinet door that’s just a touch askew may not seem like big deals, but over time small nuisances can really impact how you view your home. Make a list and tackle quick home repairs, and you might be surprised how much better the same spaces will feel.

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5. Revive Tired Cabinets

Want to cook up a feels-like-new kitchen, but want to stay cost conscious? Replacing kitchen cabinets is expensive, so take on a more budget home renovation by refinishing and painting your existing cabinets, as this Save My Reno kitchen shows. It’s easier than you may think: Bryan Baeumler breaks it down for you here.

6. Swap Out Hardware

Not up to painting or refinishing your cabinets, but still want a new look? Swap your old cabinet pulls and knobs with new pieces – or remove your old hardware and spray paint it for a totally new vibe.

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7. Put in a Pantry

Adding a pantry – whether that means creating a dedicated space or reorganizing an underused kitchen closet – may seem a little boring, but it’s actually one of the best ways to make you love your home. Why? A chaotic kitchen makes cooking and eating that much less fun, so having an organized pantry makes mealtimes feel breezier and makes it easier to keep your kitchen tidy (AKA win-win). With the average cost of adding a pantry just over $2,000, it’s a small renovation that can have a big long-term payoff.

8. Create a Clean Slate

Before you start pulling out the tools and thinking about budget home renovations, try giving what you have a little polish and shine. Even if you keep a clean home, there are plenty of places that most of us forget to clean or clean really well.

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9. Clear the Clutter

Do you find yourself stumbling over the same piles of clutter every morning? Get out of the Groundhog Day-esque time loop and clear the clutter – getting organized will make your home feel much more functional, livable and – yes – lovable.

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10. Give Yourself (Storage) Options


Decluttering is a good start, but if you want the love to last, you need storage spaces to stow your things and stay organized. Adding dedicated shelves (here’s a cool DIY shelf idea to try), baskets and bins to each room can help you keep your home clutter free.

11. Shine More Light

Light has the power to transform any room, so adding in light sources can dramatically impact how you feel about your home. This can be through decor like lamps, or you can have new lighting installed to bring light and new style to a space, like the wall sconces in this Rock Solid Builds kitchen.

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12. Rearrange Your Furniture

Even the best relationships need some variety, but there are ways to change things up without spending a dime. If you still like the furniture in a room, but are bored with the layout, try rearranging the existing pieces. Here are tips for rearranging your living room furniture.

13. Invest in a New (Old) Piece

Still not feeling your furniture? Consider adding in a statement-making piece to revive your space. Classic cane furniture, for example, is all the rage right now, and you can find vintage pieces on a budget.

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14. Pop in Some Colour

Colour can be key to making our homes feel happier, so look for ways to layer in bright or bold colour – like the cool, creative colourblocked walls in this Save My Reno home. Or, for an even easier route, you can always bring colour to the textiles you already have on hand. Try Sarah Keenleyside’s simple, eco-friendly tie-dye DIY to brighten up pillows and fabrics.

15. Make a New Space

Making existing spaces more functional is a smart home improvement idea because it makes your home more livable and versatile. Whether you have a spare room or a nook, consider ways you can make it into a dedicated space for common activities like working from home or even working out. Here’s how to turn an awkward nook into a home office with minimal or no renovations.

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16. Go Off the Wall in the Bathroom

While a full bathroom renovation is a big investment of your time and budget, there are simple ways to make your bathroom feel more spa-like. Take your accessories: upgrading old towel bars, hooks and rings for new hardware or trend-right pieces like a towel ladder can make a dramatic visual difference .

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17. Step Up the Stairs

Feel like your stairs are leading to nowhere when it comes to decor? A stylish staircase, like these Family Home Overhaul steps, makes a big impact, and you can often give your existing stairs a makeover on your own (here’s how).

18. Bring the Outside In

If you want to fall in love with your home, but don’t want to knock down any walls, the solution could be as simple as bringing in a little green. Indoor plants are great for boosting your mood, refreshing your air and instantly adding natural charm to any space.

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19. Or Create an Outdoor Oasis

Sick of staying inside? If you have an outdoor space – whether it’s a petite patio or a big backyard – make the most of it by adding in comfy furniture and a lounge space, like this retreat-worthy Backyard Builds’ outdoor space. Here are low-cost ways to make your backyard feel like a staycation.

20. Sweeten Your Dreams


A good night’s sleep will do wonders for anyone’s mood, so giving your bedroom a makeover for maximum R&R with simple home improvement ideas is a no brainer. Start with your textiles: make sure your bedding and other soft surfaces are soft, cozy and comfortable. Then, make adjustments to the room to promote better sleep (like adding blackout curtains and painting calming colours on the walls).

21. Swap Your Art

Finally, if you want to fall in love with your home again, try adding in some visual inspiration. As this Family Home Overhaul living room shows, a little wall art goes a long way for bringing life to a space. If you’re tired of what’s on your walls (or if you have bare walls), look for new inspiration with new wall art. To keep your art budget in check, you can also DIY decorative pieces – these DIY dried flower wreaths are pretty hanging in your bedroom, for example, but won’t break the bank.

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Images courtesy of HGTV Canada

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