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Painting Clay Pots: The Best Spring DIY Project for a Rainy Day

Close up of a painted terracotta pot

April showers (or snowstorms) bring May flowers and unexpected bad weather can cancel out even the best-planned afternoons. Stay prepared with this indoor-friendly DIY. Painting clay pots is a low-pressure DIY that can be done alone or with family and friends (it’s all-age appropriate, too). Replicate our design or try something new — your design options are endless!


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Materials Required:

  • Clean cloth
  • Terracotta pot
  • Acrylic paints in colours of your choice
  • Multiple small to medium paint brushes
  • Paint mixing tools
  • Paint pen

Paint supplies, brushes, and terracotta pot

The Craft Aisle


Step One: With a clean cloth, wipe the surface of the terracotta pot. Paint won’t adhere to a dirty pot.

Step Two: Pick your paints and create your palette. We used a combination of green, black, white and yellow.

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Step Three: Paint fluid shapes onto the pot. This is easier than it looks! Use a small angled brush to help get crisper lines. Be careful not to paint outside of the lines, but if you do, no problem: The design is abstract so mistakes are just happy accidents!

Someone hand painting a terracotta clay pot

The Craft Aisle

Step Four: Once dry, use a thick black paint pen to draw leafy shapes. You can also use permanent marker.

Person doodling on clay pot

The Craft Aisle

Step Five: Let the painted planter sit overnight outside, by a window or in a well-ventilated room. This will allow the paint and marker vapours to dissipate. Be careful not to place it in too much sun, or the paint can fade. Once the fumes have dissipate, add a cute plant and place it wherever you like it!

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Photos and video courtesy of The Craft Aisle.

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