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How to Create Your Own Vertical Garden This Spring

Easy Vertical Garden DIY

Spring is officially here, and there’s no better way to celebrate by adding more greenery into your home. This year, nurture your green thumb with this vertical garden DIY. It’s a great way to start growing more herbs  or flowers indoors, making this a perfect project for condo dwellers or anyone with limited outdoor space. In addition to supplies you likely already have at home, all you need to build your vertical garden are pine shelves, thick cotton rope and your choice of herbs and flowers.


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Vertical Garden Materials

Materials Required:

  • 3 pine wood shelves (24 x 4 inches)
  • Thick cotton rope
  • Mini terracotta pots
  • White paint
  • Paint brush
  • Power drill
  • Four inch hole saw
  • Table clamps
  • Measuring tape and ruler
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Sandpaper

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Vertical gardening shelf project

Step One: Build the Base 

Cut three pine shelves to build the base of your vertical garden. We suggest using pieces that are 24 by 4 inches, which you can get sized at your local hardware store.

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Vertical garden DIY tutorial in a few steps

Step Two: Measure the Shelves

Next, use sandpaper to smooth out the corners of the shelves. Trace the base of your pot on a piece of paper to create a small circular template. Place the templates on the shelf and then grab a pencil and your measuring tape to determine your desired spacing between the pots.

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Vertical garden DIY project


Step Three: Cut All the Circles 

Using your power drill and a four inch hole saw, cut out circles for your pots. You can use a scrap board at the bottom, making sure you don’t drill your working table.

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Vertical Garden DIY project

Step Four: Drill Smaller Circles for the Rope

Now, drill two smaller circles on each end of the shelves, leaving about one inch of room between the holes. We’ll use these to pass our rope through.

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Vertical Garden DIY Project

Step Five: Sand the Finished Shelves & Tie the Rope

Use sandpaper to very carefully sand all the finished circles, then thread the rope through the corner circles.

Vertical Garden DIY project in a few steps

Step Six: Knotting the Rope 

Secure the rope by making a single loop knot underneath each hole. You can start from the bottom shelf and move up, leaving approximately 10 inches of space between the knots.

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Vertical Garden DIY project

Step Seven: Paint and Decorate Your Pots

For a fun touch, grab your favourite paint colour and add some strokes of paint to your terracotta pots. Let them dry for 20 minutes before hanging them on the vertical garden.

Vertical gardening DIY idea

Step Eight: Hang the Vertical Garden Structure

As soon as the paint is dry, you can hang the vertical garden structure from the ceiling, and then add the pots filled with herbs and flowers into each hole.

Easy Vertical Garden DIY


And there you have it! In just a few simple steps, you’ll have your very own vertical garden.

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Vertical farming DIY idea Vertical garden hanging DIY idea

Images courtesy of Maca Atencio


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