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This DIY Macrame Plant Basket is the Stuff of Boho Dreams

Macrame hanging basket with eucalyptus

Spring is in the air and there’s truly no better time of year to be a plant mama. Now that your houseplants have survived the winter, give your plants some extra love with a new home. This DIY macrame plant basket is the perfect craft to take your indoor garden up a notch:


Materials Required: 

  • Shallow woven basket
  • 5mm macrame cord
  • Metal comb (we use a pet brush with steel bristles)
  • Fabric scissors


Step One: Tie a length of macrame cord across the middle of the basket. Knot it through holes on either side of the basket, and leave the ends long. This initial cord will act as the starting point for the macrame basket, where all the other pieces are attached.

Step Two: Using a simple lark’s head knot, knot an odd number of lengths of macrame cord around that initial middle cord from Step One.

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A person tying their macrame plant basket by hand

Step Three: The woven-knot look seen above is created with a series of 1½ square knots. Start by using the four innermost cords to make a square knot. Bring the rightmost cord over to the left side.

Step Four: Place the leftmost cord over the right cord, underneath the two center cords, and through the loop formed by the right cord on the right side. Pull tightly to complete the first half of the square knot.

Step Five: Bring the leftmost cord over to the right side.

Step Six: Place the rightmost cord over the left cord, underneath the two center cords, and through the loop formed by the left cord on the left side. Pull tightly to complete the square knot.

Step Seven: Now, repeat steps three and four to complete another half of a square knot. Now this knot is complete.

Step Eight: From there, create 1½ square knots with the remaining cords all the way to the edges of the basket.


A macrame plant basket with eucalyptus

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Step Nine: At the sides, weave the long end from the initial cord through the basket, and back in again to use to create another 1½ square knot.

Step Ten: Continue creating rows of 1½ square knots and weaving the furthermost cords through the basket.

Step Eleven: Once you’ve reached the bottom, pull all of the cords out through the bottom of the basket.

Person triming the yarn in a DIY Macramebasket

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Step Twelve: Trim the pieces of cord to the desired length and brush them out using a metal comb. We used a pet brush with steel bristles.

Step Thirteen: Trim the cord again to your desired length using sharp fabric scissors, ensuring the ends are nice and even.

Step Fourteen: Hang on your wall and add an air plant or your favourite dried florals!

Photos and video courtesy of The Craft Aisle

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