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Hoarder House Flippers

In a red-hot housing market smart flippers know the lengths they have to go to in order to make the highest profit and sometimes that means taking on a dingy hoarder house. Buried under years of clutter, trash and neglect, these neighbourhood eyesores are typically a homebuyer's worst nightmare, but for these three entrepreneurial teams of flippers, hoarder houses offer a unique opportunity.

In each episode of Hoarder House Flippers, one renovation team digs deep, rolling up their sleeves to take on the full transformation of a dilapidated house. They work day and night to clear out the junk and breathe new life into these challenging properties, turning them into gorgeous desirable homes, all in the hopes of turning a major profit.

We’re looking to buy properties that would send the average homeowner fleeing! See how you can apply today.
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