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Catching Up With the Mbaye Brothers

Mbaye brothers
HGTV Canada

A pro football player, real estate entrepreneur and financial educator walk into a room — you know they’re about to change lives. We sat down with the Mbaye brothers, Khadim, Mactar and Issa of Hoarder House Flippers to get the inside scoop on what they’ve been up to since the show. To no one’s surprise, this talented Montreal-based trio has been busy. From travelling the world to multiple business ventures and spending time with family, this team is all about living life to the fullest.


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Lessons Learned in 2023

2023 was a big year for the Mbaye brothers — but amongst the busy schedules, they found time to reflect on what made this year so impactful for them. “I learned to focus on things we have control over, versus trying to control things that are out of our control,” says Issa. As a financial educator, Issa understands the ebbs and flows of the real estate market and applies those learnings to his own life. “I truly believe real success is not based on money or material things, it’s based on how we impact people,” says Mactar. “For me, it’s finding work-life balance,” mentions Khadim. “Finding time for yourself is so important in life.”

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Khadim is Building a Dream

As a pro football player, Khadim knows all too well the value of sports and the impact it can have on someone’s life. In the past year, Khadim has made many trips to Senegal in hopes of developing a local football culture that will support and elevate young kids. “These kids deserve the opportunity to develop skills, have an education and succeed in life,” says Khadim. “When I was in school, sports made all the difference in my academic life and I don’t know where I would be without it.”

Since his first trip to Senegal back in 2022, Khadim has wrangled tons of donations and established a local community organization centered around football and youth. In 2024, his plans are to return to Senegal to continue his work with a few of his industry friends from both CFL and NFL. In between his trips to Senegal, Khadim has also been an active participant in mixed martial arts, with a goal to one day take on Ewan McGregor.


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Mactar has Advice for Young Buyers

Some might say the real estate market moves at the speed of light, but Mactar moves faster. This past year, Mactar has been tirelessly working to grow his real estate business into a local giant. Though the market may seem tough for young buyers right now, he has some advice you’ll want to hear. “It’s always a good time to buy, believe it or not,” says Mactar. “Interest rates are high, which will work in your favour when you’re looking to negotiate.”

Mactar is a true entrepreneur and encourages people to take the risks when necessary. “At the end of the day, you’ll never regret investing in real estate,” says Mactar. “At some point, someone will always be willing to buy and likelihood of turning a profit is very high.” Though the markets of Montreal can’t be closely compared to Vancouver and Toronto, Mactar assures us that if you’re looking to buy, Montreal is a great place to start. In between selling homes, Mactar has casually taken up boxing — an inspiring endeavor for us, minus the early morning trainings.

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Issa is Preparing for the Future

Ever curious about how to manage your money? Issa is a treasure-trove of advice. Since the show, Issa has been working non-stop to provide Canadians with the financial education they need to succeed. For those worried or curious about money, Issa has a couple helpful tips to put you on track. “Break the stigma — talk about money,” says Issa. “You need to become comfortable talking about money so you know how to handle any financial situation that comes up.”

Being patient and learning confidence is something that Issa works on in his daily life. “Just like the gym, you need to plan and work to develop your skills,” Issa mentions. “A healthy plan can look like a budget and a budget is a good starting place for financial planning.” Nothing comes easy or quickly, but practicing patience will help guide you to make confident and stable decisions. Issa has enjoyed practicing patience lately by challenging himself with the Rubik’s cube. So far, Issa has been able to solve the puzzle in under five minutes!


Travel Plans for 2024

Despite having incredibly busy schedules, the brothers have found time to plan some incredible trips for 2024. “After a long year, I’m finally going to Mexico for some rest and relaxation,” says Mactar. “My goal is to do more than a couple trips a year rather than one. I think I deserve it!” Khadim will once again find himself back in Senegal to work with his football initiative, while Issa will venture off to Japan for the first time! “Japan was my dream as a kid, I loved watching anime,” says Issa. While incredibly happy for Issa, Khadim was mildly jealous that he got to go first — we love a little healthy sibling rivalry.

Their Montreal Must-Try’s

If you’re planning a trip to Montreal, the trio has some expert local tips you should definitely consider doing when visiting. “Poutine at La Banquise is a must,” says Khadim. Without question, all three of the brothers agreed that this was the place to get the best poutine. Beyond this delicious delight, the brothers encourage visitors to check out the Biodome, Old Port, Plateau Mont Royal and the Olympic stadium for premium tourist pics.

Don’t miss the Mbaye brothers in Hoarder House Flippers on HGTV Canada, available to Stream Live or On-Demand with STACKTV. Try it free today!


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