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We Found The Best Holiday Wreath Tutorial on the Internet – And It’s Super Easy

Person making a wreath

The perfect holiday wreath adds such a lovely, cozy touch to your outdoor decor. Premade wreaths can be lovely, but if you’re looking to flex your DIY muscles, nothing beats the smell of real pine and fir evergreen branches on your front door. Here’s how to make and customize your very own Christmas wreath!



  • Wreath base of your choice (grapevine wreath base pictured)
  • Bundles of fresh greenery (at least two types recommended)
  • Wire, approximately 22 gauge
  • Pinecones, bells, or wreath accessories of choice
  • Wired ribbon
  • Hot glue
  • Sharp scissors or gardening shears
  • Pen/pencil and scrap paper

Person drawing wreath sketch - easy wreath tutorial

Step One: Sketch Wreath Shape

Before you start putting your wreath together, I highly recommend making a rough sketch of what sort of shape you’re going for. Do you want a full, uniform wreath for a traditional look, or do you prefer asymmetrical, whimsical shapes? Which way will the branches point? How full will it be? Check out other wreaths to get a feel for your preferences before putting pen to paper.

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Step Two: Choose a Base

There are several different wreath bases to choose from, and the one you choose will impact the overall look you achieve.  A foam wreath base will let you stick greenery stems right into the foam for an ultra-dense look, whereas a wire wreath base can give a minimalist or boho vibe. I chose a grapevine base with woven branches to give it a classic winter-in-the-woods look.

overhead shots of cutting evergreen branches and thin silver wire - easy wreath tutorial

Step Three: Prep Your Greens and Wire

Next, choose the winter greenery you’ll incorporate into your wreath and cut it into smaller pieces, roughly five to seven inches long, depending on the size of your wreath base and your preferences. You’ll also want to snip pieces of wire from the reel and cut it into smaller segments. Pieces roughly two to three inches in length should be fine, but it will depend on your wreath base and greens.

Hands attaching evergreen branches to a grapevine wreath base - easy wreath tutorial

Step Four: Secure Branches to the Wreath Base


Next, secure your branches of greenery to the wreath base using the pieces of wire. Do your best to twist the wire out of the way, hiding it behind the greenery. Be intentional in the direction you place each branch facing, as that will impact the overall look. To achieve a fuller, more professional-looking wreath, layer the branches over one another, almost like laying shingles on a roof. Using two or more different types of greenery will add texture and interest to your arrangement – I used Fraser fir and sapphire cypress bundles, both of which were available at my local hardware stores.

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Hands attaching a pinecone to a nearly-finished green wreath - wreath tutorial

Step Five: Accessorize!

A plain wreath is pretty and classic, but you can really customize a wreath and make it your own by adding little accessories. These might be birch twigs collected on a hike with the kids, craft store pinecones (pictured), gold or silver bells, or even mini Christmas ornaments!

Making a champagne satin bow and affixing it to the wreath - bow tutorial

Step Six: Make and Attach a Bow (Optional)

For a finishing touch, make and attach a bow. Choose a wired ribbon in a colour, texture, and size that complements your overall decor for a cohesive look. Need some help making the perfect holiday bow? Look no further – we’ve got you covered.

a green wreath on a grapevine base with a champagne bow hangs on a black door - wreath tutorial

Images courtesy of Amanda Roberts

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