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How to Make These Beautiful (and Easy!) Dried Flower Wreaths

dried flowers wreaths with colourful tones

Making a wreath with dried flowers is very easy and they look beautiful in any space: on your walls, on doors, and the list goes on. We are always looking for creative ways to bring beautiful foliage inside our homes, incorporating a variety of textures and colours. These flower wreaths will cheer you up just about any day.


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Dried Flowers wreaths materials

Materials Required:

  • Gold metal rings in different sizes 
  • Assorted colourful dried flowers
  • Scissors
  • Gold florist wire
  • Florist tape
  • Your favourite ribbons
  • Hot glue gun

Gold rings in different sizes

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Step One: Plan Your Wreath Design

The first thing we need to do is plan our wreath design. We can have fun here by mixing different colourful dried flowers and arranging them on one side or making it symmetrical… it depends on your style.

creating dried flower bouquets with floral tape

Step Two: Learn How to Work With Dried Flowers

When you work with dried flowers, you can prevent the fragile stems from breaking by adding tape to them first and then florist wire. Make sure you add the tape gently.

a bunch of dried flowers bouquets with floral tape

Step Three: Create Mini Bundles 

Wrap small bundles of flowers together with your floral tape, ensuring to use a mix of different textures and colours. You can make them in different sizes, too.

dried flowers attaching to a ring base

Step Four: Attach the Dried Flowers to the Rings

Start working with the largest part you’ll display as the ring base, grab your flower bundles and using your florist wire wrap the flowers onto the ring base by looping the wire around until the stems feel tight.

hot glue gun with a gold ring and dried flowers creating a wreath


Step Five: Finish the Wreath’s Details

Using your hot glue gun, add bundles of flowers to the ring by covering the floral and wire tape and adding more movement to the wreath. 

Tip: Use a hot glue gun mat to make this part easier.

a scissor trimming ends of dried flowers

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Step Six: Trim the Ends

After your hot glue is completely dry, grab your scissors and trim the ends of your dried flowers.

Adding a ribbon to a ring wreath

Step Seven: Add Ribbon

After adding all of the flowers, cut a piece of ribbon and attach it as a loop on top to make a hanger. Feel free to use your favourite ribbon for this part.

ribbon attached to a wreath

And voila – you are done! This fun and creative DIY project is the perfect way to bring the outdoors inside during the colder months.

dried flowers wreaths hanging in a wall

Dried flower wreaths can also make a very thoughtful gift for any occasion – there’s just something so special about the pops of colour on them.

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Images courtesy of Maca Atencio

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