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This Colourful DIY Rainbow Pinata is the Perfect Pride Party Idea

Rainbow pinata on the ground, and a girl in a red dressing running behind it.

Whether you’re planning a pride party, hosting a fun al fresco fiesta or looking for a joyful kid-friendly craft, this rainbow pinata will bring a smile to your guest’s faces.  This colourful DIY is deceptively easy to create and sure to bring plenty of fun to your day.


Materials Required:       

  • Cardboard box
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Tissue paper or festooning
  • Packing tape
  • Ribbon
  • Candy

Step One: Use a pencil to lightly outline a rainbow shape on a clean, flattened cardboard box. Note: you may need a few boxes, depending on the size and style of your pinata.

Step Two: Carefully cut out the shape with scissors. Once you have the first shape cut out, you can use it to trace a second piece (you need two identical pieces to make up the front and back of your pinata). Cut out the second piece for a perfect pair.

Step Three: Cut out a few long strips of cardboard for the sides of your pinata. Roll them firmly over a pencil, ruler or table edge to make them more pliable.

Step Four: Cut out a medium-sized hole or rectangle on one of the sides to create an opening – this is the spot where you will later fill the pinata with treats.

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Step Five: Punch two small holes into the cardboard piece that will be positioned at the top of your pinata. Carefully thread some long ribbon or string through the holes to attach the ribbon.

Step Six: Using a hot glue gun, glue all of the pieces of cardboard together, one side at a time. Once the glue is dry, apply some packing tape along the edges to help make the pinata more secure.

Step Seven: Now that the structure of your pinata is complete, you’re ready to fill it with goodies! Insert a delightful mix of candy, tiny toys or surprise messages. Keep the occasion, party theme or colour scheme of your celebration in mind.


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Step Eight:  Once your pinata is full, place some packing tape over the hole to patch up the opening.

Step Nine: To apply the tissue paper, gently snip the edges of tissue or crepe paper to create long feathered strands. Then, glue the tissue strands to your cardboard shape – one piece at a time – in tight layers. Be sure to alternate bright colours or use a variety of shades for visual interest. Tip: using premade tissue festooning will save you a lot of time!

Step Ten: Once the glue is dry, hang the pinata (make sure you hang it somewhere secure for safety) from the top ribbon that you previously threaded, and enjoy!

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Images courtesy of Denise Dias

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