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This DIY Macrame Lion is the Sweetest Homemade Gift Idea for Newborns

DIY macrame lion craft and supplies

Few things in life are as exciting as watching your favourite people become parents. Although it might be tempting to go online and buy toys and clothes for their little ones, nothing compares to the thoughtfulness behind a homemade gift. Instead of giving yet another set of onesies, why not make a personalized present that can be used as decor for years to come? Whether you’re looking for a baby shower gift or a holiday gift, this DIY lion macrame wall hanging is sure to become a treasured keepsake. Here’s how to make this adorable craft that will add a touch of character to any nursey or playroom.


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A close up image of the yarn used to create a DIY macrame wall hanging

Materials Required:

    • Rope
    • Wire
    • Scissors
    • Brown yarn
    • Tan yarn
    • White yarn
    • Black yarn
    • Hot glue gun


Step One: Cut seven pieces of rope in the shape of a rainbow to form your lion’s face.

Step Two: Attach a piece of wire to each piece of rope and secure it with hot glue. This will help keep the shape of your wall hanging.

Step Three: On the exterior rope arch, create the lion’s mane by repeatedly attaching brown yarn to the rope with a lark’s head knot.

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A close up of the details of a macrame lion wall hanging

Step Four: Using a comb or a brush, brush out the mane and trim to your desired length.

Step Five: From there, wrap the following three pieces of rope in tan yarn.


Step Six:  Do the same for the final two rope arches, but with white yarn.

Step Seven: Secure the two white arches together using hot glue.

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DIY macrame lion craft and supplies

Step Eight: Create the lion’s nose by wrapping the centre of the two white arches in black yarn.

Step Nine: Attach the rest of the arches together using hot glue.

Step Ten: Create the eyes with black yarn and secure them with hot glue.

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An adorable DIY lion macrame wall hanging

Step Eleven: For the ears, make two smaller rope arches and wrap them in tan yarn. Secure with hot glue.

Step Twelve: Brush out the bottom rope fringe and trim.

Step Thirteen: Hang your loyal lion on your wall or wrap it as a gift for a pal.

Ready to make your own? Watch this video to see how to create a macrame lion wall hanging:



Photos and video courtesy of The Craft Aisle 

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