Brian McCourt poses on the set of Backyard Builds

Brian McCourt

Brian McCourt is a trusted contractor, design expert, real estate flipper, and television personality. He is best known as the co-host of the Canadian Screen Award-nominated series Backyard Builds: a series dedicated to creating innovative outdoor spaces. Brian is also a part of the all-star cast of HGTV Canada’s Home to Win and Family Home Overhaul. A fifth-generation builder, Brian is one of seven siblings – four of which work in real estate and renovation. It is safe to say that it runs in the family! From a young age, Brian felt drawn to real estate. He would watch his parents renovate small-town Victorian homes while refinishing furniture and scoping out flea markets in their free time. By the age of 19, Brian flipped his first property, and at 25 he had nine successful flips under his belt. Today, he boasts 15 years of hands-on renovation and design experience, functioning as a rare designer-contractor blend. In 2010 he opened the eponymous Brian McCourt Designs to help homeowners transform their houses into inspiring, custom homes. A fun-loving self-proclaimed “goofball”, Brian is motivated by creating multi-platform content that transcends traditional genres and formats. Brian is a regular guest on numerous television and radio shows, and is a proud partner of Habitat for Humanity.

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