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Go Behind the Scenes of Backyard Builds’ Most Dramatic Transformations

Backyard Builds Short Video Article
Backyard Builds Short Video Article

Brian McCourt and Sarah Keenleyside, the designers and hosts of Backyard Builds, have seen it all. From tired cinderblock garages and ratty lawns to dusty wastelands and neglected garbage piles, this dynamic duo has taken the worst backyards and transformed them into multifunctional paradises.


While the step-by-step process of each project can be seen in the full episodes, in these short videos they take us behind the scenes to share their insights and expert knowledge on what makes these backyard makeovers so special. So, get ready to see what it takes to transform these basic backyards into the ultimate entertainment areas.

Pub Crawl
Where there was once a wasteland filled with dust and dead-tree detritus, there now stands a pub-inspired party hub complete with a beer-keg fridge and a sit-up bar. Add in a firepit, water-resistant pool table and upcycled dart board, and this place is where the party’s at.


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Mother’s Day Everyday
Turning a single-car garage into a peaceful retreat for mom was top of the to-do list for this backyard redo. Quirky blue-jay wallpaper, a rustic wood mantle over an electric fireplace and a custom pegboard wall feature are in this quiet sanctuary.


Barn Dance
In this backyard overhaul, Brian and Sarah convert a 150-year-old barn into the ultimate hangout space for a family of five, upcycling an old birdbath and antique window frame to incorporate them into the new design.



Tropical Retreat
You know a backyard has been seriously neglected when the pool water is opaque and the grass is knee high. After a major clean up – plus the addition of a new pool house, outdoor shower and epic water feature – this space is now open for business.


Ahoy, Matey
To maximize a small backyard square footage, Sarah and Brian used decking (with built-in planters) across the whole width of the yard. Converting a garage into a family room, they added white shiplap and a navy-blue captain’s writing desk to get the nautical feel they were going for.


The Old Country
Cobblestone-inspired patio stones, a suspended pergola and geometric tiles all work together to give this kitted-out backyard that European flare. There’s even a wood-burning pizza oven for those Neapolitan-themed dinner parties.


Farm Fresh
This backyard takes al fresco eating to the next level with a full-sized outdoor dining room. Designed to host family meals for three seasons, this space features sweet farmhouse styling and a sunken lounge area off to the side.


Urban Planning
This unique backyard was actually designed to accommodate a landlord and his tenants, creating a community space everyone can use. With square footage at a premium, Brian and Sarah pulled out all the tricks to make this space shine.


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