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This Trendy Acrylic Laptop Riser is the Perfect Back-to-School DIY

Computer stand riser in acrylic DIY

Acrylic DIY projects are all over TikTok recently. Now that we’re in the thick of the back-t0-school season, this trendy acrylic laptop riser is the perfect craft idea for anyone looking to refresh their desk for autumn.


Cutting a Stylish DIY Desk Organizer in a Few Steps

Step One: Measure & Cut 

To start, you’ll need to define the size of the stand riser based on your available space. To make a standard model to fit a laptop, grab a marker, a square and a ruler and follow these measurements:

  • Width  – 12 inches
  • Length – 14 inches
  • Height – 5 inches
  • Acrylic Thickness – 6 mm

Right after defining the measurements, let’s cut the acrylic sheet down to size using a jigsaw and a Plexiglas blade.

Tip: Avoid any scratches by not removing the protective film while cutting.

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Computer Stand Riser DIY Project

Step Two: Sand

Now, let’s give our acrylic ends good sand using an orbital sander and remove any roughness in the edges. Remove the protective film, and prep your heat gun for the next step!

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DIY Computer Stand riser using acrylic and a heat gun

Step Three: Heat 

Lastly, let’s jump directly into the fun part: bending the acrylic to form our stand riser. Attach the acrylic with two clamps to a table and leave 5 inches apart as the first leg.

Using a heat gun, start heating the acrylic with slow straight movements from the sheet’s top and bottom. Be very patient because it will take some time to achieve the perfect temperature to start bending the sheet.

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DIY Stand Riser Organizer with Acrylic

Bend slowly the acrylic sheet while you heat it carefully. Let it cool down while holding it, making sure it stays straight. Repeat the same process in the other end and bend the second leg.

Tip: Do not overheat the acrylic. This material can burn easily.


DIY Computer Stand Riser in Acrylic

How adorable is this new laptop riser? Don’t you love the look of acrylic accessories?

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DIY Stylish Acrylic Stand


Aside from keeping your desk organized, laptop risers also improve your workspace’s ergonomics, making this DIY a win-win all around.

Images Courtesy of Maca Atencio

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