Worst to First

Everyone wants a move-in-ready dream home, but with skyrocketing real estate prices, it’s just not possible for many people. That’s where professional builders and best friends Mickey and Sebastian come in. Mickey and Sebastian love to turn run down wrecks into the envy of the neighbourhood. Along with their talented designer Catherine, they can see beyond the ugly and turn dreams into reality — finding the worst and turning it into the first in Worst to First.

Up your home decor game with these nifty craft ideas and DIY home projects from your favourite HGTV Canada stars.
March 23, 2020
Looking to make a wise investment in your home? There’s no better upgrade than a reno that promises ROI.
Psst! Worst to First hosts got a head start on 2020's biggest decor trends and we're spilling all the gorgeous details.
June 18, 2019
Best friends and professional contractors Sebastian and Mickey are back for another season of Worst to First.
May 21, 2019
Mickey Fabbiano and Sebastian Sevallo are joined by designer Catherine Yuen this season.
May 14, 2019
For those of us who love playing with colour in our interiors, sometimes it’s hard to keep a decor palette simple and understated. In this...
November 23, 2017
Just because you live inside city limits doesn’t mean you can’t have that cottage feeling at home. This makeover turns a ho-hum,...
November 9, 2017
The 1970s brought us some fun trends such as bell bottoms, disco music and macramé but also some bad ones. The modular architecture of...
November 7, 2017
To some, working with an interior colour palette limited to only a few shades may seem like the ultimate test in design self-control. But...
October 24, 2017
When it comes to decorating, there are plenty of trendy colours and palettes out there. One thing that never goes out of style though? Classic...
September 26, 2017
Best friends and professional contractors Sebastian Sevallo and and Mickey Fabbiano are at it again! This time, join the hosts at The Brick as...
September 20, 2017
Alex and Andy weren’t just looking for a great home to kick off their married lives in; they were looking for an adult sanctuary with...
September 19, 2017