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These 2 Halloween DIYs Are Blowing Up the Internet Right Now

Flower pressed pumpkins
Christina Dennis/@thediymommy

With Halloween only days away it’s only fitting that we’ve found some DIYs to get your home ready for the spookiest time of the year. But do not fret, these crafts are far from scary. From adorable ghost candles to swoon-worthy pressed flower pumpkins, here are the two Halloween DIYs that are going viral right now by the talented @thediymommy.


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squiggly ghost candles
Christina Dennis/@thediymommy

Squiggly Ghost Candles

How perfect are these fun ghost candles for your fireplace mantel, table or kitchen counter? These candles are so simple to make and only require a few materials like long tapered candles, black acrylic paint and hot water.

@hgtvcanada The easiest DIY in Halloween history 👻 #halloweendiy #ghostcandles #diycandle #halloweendecor ♬ original sound – nnmi/char

Materials Required:

  • Long white tapered candle sticks 
  • Black acrylic paint and a small paintbrush
  • Black candle holders 
  • Large container 
  • Hot water 
  • Black spiders (optional) 

Step One: Fill a large container with hot tap water and soak your tapered candles for around 20 minutes to soften them. 

Step Two: Once they’re soft and cool, gently start curving the candles with your hands.

Step Three: Let the candles dry and then add spooky faces to them using a small paintbrush and black acrylic paint.

Step Four: Place the candles in black candle holders, add some spooky plastic spiders and that’s it! 

Now you have the ultimate Halloween decor piece that will surely add some spookiness to your home.

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Floral Pumpkins

Once you set your eyes on them, you’ll want to make these gorgeous floral pumpkins ASAP. They’re super simple to create and give your home or front porch that festive feeling without being spooky. Plus, they look like they’re straight out of a Pinterest board. They’re so chic and dreamy… who wouldn’t be obsessed with them?

@hgtvcanada Absolutely obsessed with this idea 😍🌸 #diypumpkindecor #cottagecoreaesthetic #driedflowers #pumpkindecorating ♬ original sound – nnmi/char

Materials Required:

  • Pumpkins 
  • Dry pressed flowers 
  • Mod Podge (matte)
  • Large paint brush 

Step One: Brush on a layer of matte Mod Podge to the pumpkin.


Step Two: Arrange and place the dry pre-pressed or store-bought pressed flowers on the pumpkin in whatever design you like. 

Step Three: Seal them up with another layer of Mod Podge. Once it’s dry, display your pumpkins as a beautiful fall centrepiece on a table or place them on your front porch.

Looking for more amazing finds from TikTok? Check out this air mattress or this fun Halloween-inspired vase.

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