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Transform Your Home Like Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson boudoir-inspired front room
HGTV Canada

Pamela Anderson has been yearning for the opportunity to turn a house into a home. After weeks of renovations and toiling back and forth on decor, she has created everything she’s ever wanted in her Ladysmith home. Reminiscent of her younger years, Pamela has captured the essence of her identity in each and every room.


The fruits of her labour can be seen through the intentional decisions on everything from tiles to tapestries. Pamela’s taste level centres around things that make her happy and free. In this past season of Pamela’s Garden of EdenPamela shared with us all the incredible resources she used so you too can craft a paradise at home.

Are you looking to create your own Garden of Eden? Read on to discover some of our favourite design elements from season one and where to shop the look.

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Ensuite Bath and Kitchen

For Pamela’s bath and kitchen, she opted for a beautiful stainless steel Kohler faucet. The elegance and height of the faucet really brings together the kitchen counterspace, and allows for the gorgeously crafted sink to be a focal point.

To learn more about Pamela’s premium faucets, visit The Ensuite’s website.

Pamela Anderson's light and bright kitchen with open shelving
HGTV Canada

Pamela’s Rose Garden

One of Pamela’s favourite things about her new home is her rose garden. She loves nature and all things floral, so naturally she would have wanted a beautifully constructed rose garden to compliment her BC home.

Looking to add some flower power to your green space? Check out Dinter Nursery.

Renovated rose garden by the water
HGTV Canada

Roadhouse Cabin Fixtures

This adorably chic cabin is one of our favourite parts of Pamela’s recent renos. It has this coastal yet woodland charm that evokes peace and serenity. The kitchen fixtures in the cabin are light and minimal with soft touches that compliment the decor.

To learn more about the roadhouse cabin fixtures, visit Bradford Hardware’s website.


Bright renovated roadhouse cabin with a dining set
HGTV Canada

Pamela’s Vintage Finds

Pamela is no stranger to being sustainable with purchases, which is why we love that majority of the rooms in her B.C. property are filled with chic vintage decor. She opted for cottagecore aesthetics with her accent pillows, tables and shelving for the cabin. We adore all the detailing with her choices and vintage finds usually don’t come in two’s!

To learn more about where Pamela sourced her vintage decor, visit Bella Vintage Home & Decor on Facebook.

Bright seating area with large white sectional
HGTV Canada

Custom Counters

Pamela’s boudoir-style parlour room is the perfect hang out to unwind and chit-chat with the girls. Alongside the gorgeous decor and stunning wallpaper, is the custom wood countertop with a deep brown colouring. This countertop brings a ton of warmth into the space and adds to the vintage flare.

To learn more about the custom counters, visit Landon Antiques.

Front room with floral wallpaper and coffee station over a dark wood counter
HGTV Canada

Watch Pamela’s Garden of Eden on HGTV Canada, also available on the Global TV App and on STACKTV with Amazon Prime Video Channels, fuboTV, Rogers Ignite TV and Ignite SmartStream.

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