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Our Favourite Quotes From Pamela’s Garden of Eden

A shot of Pamela Anderson sprawled across a white lounge
HGTV Canada

Fans of Pamela Anderson know to never know what to expect from her. A self-proclaimed mermaid, multi-talented artist and celebrity known around the world, Pamela is always full of ideas, energy and a quirky quip or two. Throughout the renovation of her Ladysmith property in Pamela’s Garden of Eden, she kept the team busy with her endless imagination, and audiences entertained with her kooky antics that always had her love for the environment and her family at the heart. Read on for a list of Pamela’s best quotes of the season.


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Looking back on her life’s journey:

After the life I’ve had in Hollywood and all over the world, to come back in one piece is pretty much a miracle.

On taking on this Arcady renovation project:

I do crazy things my whole life, I’m not going to stop now.

On how to add some oomph to your gardening work:

Wear the shortest skirt you can when you’re doing yard work.

Boudoir-inspired front room with a coffee station
HGTV Canada

On her sexy and vintage Arcady front room:

Before my kids would say, ‘It looks like a real grandma house.’ And now it looks like the coolest grandma house ever. That’s what I think!

On her taste in artwork in the Arcady front room:

It could be another little tea restaurant again…it’d probably get shut down with all the nudity.

On Canadian spirit(s):

It’s Canada, just start drinking!

Because mothers will always have an opinion on your fashion choices, no matter what age you are:

Pamela: My mom’s going to kill me for not wearing pants.

Francesca: If I had legs like yours, I wouldn’t wear pants either!

On her commitment to the environment:

I want to use sustainable products. I want sustainable energy. I want responsible water management on the property. Something that’s going to compliment the environment and something for my family for generations to come.

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On learning how to use her new espresso machine:

I can’t wait for my kids to get here! They’re going to see how grown up I am!

On making the best of a small bed:

Who wants a king-sized bed when you love somebody?

On how to survive a major renovation with your sanity in tact:

There’s enough champagne in the world to get us through this!

On coming home to British Columbia:

I think it’s one of the most beautiful parts of the world. I want to do what is right for the property and for the community and for the planet. I do feel like I’m the custodian of this property for my family. As the family grows…I want them to always be able to come here. This has always been home.

And finally, just Pamela being real:

I’m stuck in a reality show and I can’t get out!

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