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8 TikTok Cleaning Hacks You Need This Holiday Season

8 TikTok Cleaning Hacks You Need This Holiday Season

Believe or not, TikTok is a gold mine of information — especially when it comes to cleaning hacks. Millenials and Gen-Z have taken the reigns on easy, accessible and affordable hacks that just make sense.


When life gives you lemons, try cleaning with them 🍋🧽 #kitchenhacks #lemonclean #cleantok #kitchendiy #diycleaner

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As the holidays close in, we’re not just looking for general cleaning hacks — we’re looking for tips on how to clean a Christmas tree, menorah and stinky leftovers. So while we love the holidays, it does bring an unwanted level of mess we simply can’t ignore. Read on for TikTok’s best cleaning hacks you need to try this holiday season.

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Bye, stinky holiday leftovers 👋👋👋 #CloroxHacks #CleanTok #Holidays #HolidayCleaning

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Spritz on the Smell

With all the hustle and bustle of holiday cooking, sometimes we forget about our leftovers. After sitting in the fridge for quite sometime, leftovers can develop a pretty foul smell and sometimes even mould. This TikTok hack shows you how to mix common household bleach into a solution that both disinfects and eliminates the smell in one fell swoop!

@hgtvcanada Goodbye, fruit flies 🪰 #fruitflies #cleaninghacks #kitchentips #fruitflytrap ♬ original sound – kat

Fruit Flies Begone

While we do love all the delicious fruit-flavoured desserts during the holidays, we could do without the fruit flies. These unwanted guests can run rampant in your home when left unchecked. This hack shows us how simply freezing your fruit is proven to be 100 per cent effective in avoiding these pests for good.


Before you throw out your tree.. 🌲🤩 #pine #christmastree #lifehack #cleaninghacks #pinevinegar #diy #homemade #cleantok #cleaningtiktok #cleaning

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Christmas Tree Care

Stop! Before you toss your gorgeous Christmas tree, consider repurposing it instead. The excess bristles on the tree can create a beautifully smelling disinfectant that’s perfect for countertops, bathrooms and even floors.

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Phew…was that you?! 😳 #holidaycleaning #housecleaners #christmascleaning

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Royal Flush

Want your bathroom to smell like a winter wonderland? This TikToker brilliantly thought of the idea to use a furniture pad and bottle of extract for your bathroom. This unsuspecting combination eliminates any unwelcome odors that might linger.


a hanukkah miracle?? #tipsandtricks #hanukkah #happyhanukkah #lifehacks

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A Hanukkah Hack for the Ages

Struggling to clean your menorah? Not to worry, this TikToker (or rather his fans) have a solution! Though this creator’s attempt might have failed, the fans assured him that his method required a slight modification. With a bit more salt, and less juice — you too can clean your menorah with ease.

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Simmer pot with oranges


Cozying up with a warm simmer pot! My home smells AMAZING!! 🎄⭐️🧦 asmr #christmas #simmerpot #holidayseason #holidayvibes #smellsamazing #cozyvibes

♬ It’s Beginning to Look a Lot like Christmas – Michael Bublé

Simmer Into the Season

At the start of every season, comes a new simmer pot recipe. If you’re a fan of wintery smelling scents, you’re going to love this holiday simmer pot. We’re not surprised this recipe went viral — it has all the fixings we crave like cinnamon, cranberries, orange and more. The best part? Any lingering smells in the kitchen or around the house will vanish just as quickly as Santa up the chimney.


6 tricks for stress-free holiday clean up! @chascrazycreations #DIY #TipsAndTricks #HolidayCleanUp #CleanTok #LifeHack

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All Wrapped Up

Amongst all the great tips we got from this TikTok, the Christmas light cleaning hack stood out to us. If you’re like us, wrangling Christmas lights is a bit of a hassle. This TikToker found a genius way of handling pesky string lights by tying them up to a coat hanger!


You can’t bake cookies on gross baking sheets. This cleaning hack will make them good as new again! #bakingsheet #cleaninghacks #holidaycleaning #bakingsodahack #easycleaningtips

♬ original sound – Real Simple

Baking Bliss

We know it and you know it — you’re going to be making a lot of cookies this holiday season. However, you’re not the only one who will be worn out by all the action. Your baking pans undergo tons of wear and tear in the oven — whether it be from oil residue or excess heat. Either way, this TikTok hack eliminates the concern of a dirty pan with only three ingredients!

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