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This DIY Wooden Menorah Will Add a Meaningful Touch to Hanukkah Decor

This DIY Wooden Menorah Will Add a Meaningful Touch to Hanukkah Decor

As we prepare to celebrate the Festival of Lights, we’re reminded of what matters most in life. If you’re looking for a thoughtful way to spend more time with your loved ones this holiday season, why not enjoy quality time crafting? You can make this gorgeous homemade wooden menorah for a fun, cozy afternoon activity. Follow these steps to make your own DIY wooden menorah.



  •  2” x 2” x 8’ piece of wood
  • Circular saw
  • Measuring tape or Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Drill
  • Spade bits (¾”)
  • Coarse and Fine Sandpaper
  • Lint-free cloth
  • Wood stain
  • Polycyclic sealer
  • E6000 glue
  • 9 x Copper Couplings (½” x ¼”)
  • 9 x Candles

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Candle, piece of wood, pencils and copper plates for DIY menorah


Step One: Use a circular saw to cut the wood at 16”

Step Two: Sand the edges with coarse sandpaper until smooth.

Step Three: Using a ¾” spade bit, drill 9 holes into the wood, evenly spaced at 1.75” apart and about 3/4” deep.

Step Four: Ensure that the centre hole is ½ as deep as the others to ensure the center candle will sit higher.

Step Five: Sand with medium sandpaper.

Step Six: Wipe with a lint-free cloth to remove any sawdust.

Step Seven: In a well-ventilated area, apply wood stain to the wood. No need to stain inside the holes.

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DIY menorah close up of screws

Step Eight: Once it’s dry, seal the wood with 2-3 coats of a polycrylic sealer, lightly sanding between coats.

Step Nine: Use E6000 glue to adhere a copper coupling in each hole.

Step Ten: Let dry for 72 hours.

Step Eleven: Place candles in each of the copper couplings.

Step Twelve: Light a candle each night with your loved ones and enjoy this beauty on your mantle all season long!

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DIY menorah with blue and white candles


Photos courtesy of The Craft Aisle 

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