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Make Your Garden Shine With These Rainbow-Bright DIY Plant Markers

Make Your Garden Shine With These Rainbow-Bright DIY Plant Markers

If you’re getting ready to prep your herb garden for summer, may I offer a fun, colourful and functional idea? Create cheerful rock garden labels to help keep track of what was planted where! If you can’t identify what each herb looks like, or you don’t have enough room to plant each herb with lots of space around it, this is a very cost-effective and easy trick.



Here’s what you’ll need for your DIY garden rock labels:

  • Rocks of any shape or size
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • White proof top coat (optional) 


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Step One: Pick Out Your Rocks and Paint Them White

Collect as many rocks as necessary to label the number of herbs you’ll be planting this year. Clean off the stones with a dry cloth, or wash them in the sink (depending on where you got them). Paint the stones white to give yourself a blank canvas. This will ensure the coloured paint appears nice and bright.

White painted rocks and paint supplies

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Step Two: Paint Your Rocks a Bright Colour

Once the white layer of paint is totally dry, paint each rock a beautiful bright colour. Selecting hues that pop will allow the stones to stand out in your garden. Take your time and make sure each rock is completely covered and coated nicely so that the paint will stand up to the elements.

Step Three: Label the Rocks

Label the stones with the herbs that you are planting. This part of the DIY takes a steady hand and some time. It really depends on how neat and tidy you want your writing to be! I also went a little rogue and labelled the rocks with titles that don’t belong in the garden…like magic…or fairy dust. Have some fun with this!

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There! How easy, cute and fun was that? Also: did you know you can flip the stones and showcase the coloured, non-labelled rocks on your balcony for decor long after your herbs have been harvested? Yeah, this DIY was a two-for-one. YAY YOU!

Looking for another family-friendly DIY? Try painting clay pots, which is one of the best activities for a rainy day.

Images courtesy of Tiffany Pratt. 

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