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This DIY Vanity is an Efficient Way to Upgrade Your Bathroom

This DIY Vanity is an Efficient Way to Upgrade Your Bathroom

When starting our primary bathroom renovation, it was important for us to have a vanity that gave us a custom-look feel while not breaking the bank. Not only did we need an odd sized piece to accommodate the larger wall it would go on, but we also required something that gave us a lot of storage since it’s the only full bathroom in the house.


After searching for a vanity that would work, we stumbled across a wooden credenza at the thrift shop for only $150. It was the perfect size for us, with lots of drawers for storage. Even though not everyone could see the potential for what this piece could be, I was determined that it would become the perfect bathroom vanity (and thankfully I was right!). This whole project took us about 10 hours total, and a month of waiting for the countertop to be fabricated and delivered. Interested in creating your own vanity? Here’s how we did ours:

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@hgtvcanada A thrift flip for the ages imo 🔨 #vanitymirror #thriftfilp #bathroomrenovation #renovationtok ♬ FULL COVER OUT JANUARY 27th – Mack Lorén


  • Sanding paper or orbital sander
  • Drill & drill bits
  • Wood screws
  • Measuring tape & T-square
  • Safety glasses
  • Circular saw and/or oscillating saw
  • 4 wood furniture legs
  • Gel stain for wood (we used Minwax Gel Stain in the colour Ebony)
  • Paint brush for gel stain
  • Paper towels or an old rag
  • Silicone
  • Clamps
  • Countertop (we used a custom-made quartz top with backsplash)

Step 1: Find a piece of furniture that fits your space, whether it’s already an old vanity, a dresser, credenza/buffet, cabinet, etc and gather all other supplies needed.

Step 2: Remove all drawers and make sure to thoroughly clean your piece of furniture.

Step 3: Use an orbital sander to sand all flat surfaces, then use sandpaper to sand in any small nooks and crannies. Make sure all sections are evenly sanded, going with the grain not against it. If you are using or ordering a different countertop, then don’t worry about sanding the original top piece of your furniture. Once the piece is fully sanded, wipe away all the debris and dust with a wet rag and let it dry.

Step 4: Using an old rag or paint brush, begin brushing on your wood stain of choice. If using a gel stain, apply thin even layers and let fully dry before applying the second coat. Apply the strokes in the same direction of the wood grain to keep the wood effect. Apply at least two layers of gel stain, letting it cure between each layer and keep applying more layers until you have reached your desired colour.


Step 5: Once the piece is stained, keep all the drawers to the side and turn the piece over so the back of it is exposed. Remove the backing board for easier access when installing your plumbing pipes and fixtures later on.

Step 6: Measure and mark on the top of your piece with a T-square where you will need to cut a hole for the sinks and plumbing fixtures. Make sure to measure twice so you only need to cut once!

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Step 7: Once measured, grab your safety glasses and circular saw, and begin cutting out the top of your piece. Make sure not to over cut so that the new countertop has support for its weight. Use an oscillating saw to cut any difficult corners or edges.

Step 8: Dry fit the new countertop so you can make any adjustments or extra cuts if needed. Set countertop back to the side for the remainder of the project.

Step 9: Flip your piece of furniture over and mark out where the new legs will be placed. Make sure each furniture leg has plenty of support. If not, then add extra bracing with wood pieces. Using a wood bit, drill holes for the new legs and then screw in each leg tightly.

Step 10: Using a brush or old rag, stain the new furniture legs. Let dry and flip your piece back over so it’s upright. Wipe down any dust or debris off the rest of the piece if needed.


Step 11: Bring your new vanity inside and set it close to its final location. Once in place, set the new countertop, using silicone or another adhesive to secure its location. Leave it to dry for 24 hours undisturbed. Using silicone again, line the backsplash piece and clamp it onto the back of the countertop. Leave again for 24 hours undisturbed.

Step 12: Once the counter is completely set and dried, install your new plumbing fixtures from behind before moving your piece into its final location.

Step 13: Move your piece into its final location and have all plumbing pipes hooked up to the fixtures. Then add back in all your drawers and give your piece one last final clean!

**Some drawers will have to be converted into false drawers or cut down to shallow drawers depending on your plumbing hookups

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