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Try This Stylish Metallic DIY Rope Planter Just in Time for Summer

How to DIY a Rose Gold Planter Using Rope

This simple DIY planter project using rope will give your old weathered planters new life. With just a few materials and steps, you can upgrade any old plant stand you have lying around at home into a stylish and modern decor piece. Let’s do it!


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DIY Your Own Rose Gold Planter Using Rope

Materials Required:

  • Any old metallic plant stand you have at home
  • Rose gold metallic spray paint
  • Thick cotton rope
  • Scissors
  • Plants

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How to Upgrade any old planter with rope and spray paint

Step One: Spray Paint Your Plant Stands

Let’s start this project by spray painting our old plant stands using a rose gold metallic paint.

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DIY Rose Gold Plant Base Using Rope

Step Two: Spray Painting Tips 

Before you start using your spray paint cans, it’s very important to shake them until you hear a rattle after mixing it for about one minute. To prevent clogging, shake the can during the paint process as well.

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How to make DIY rose gold planters with rope

Step Three: Letting the Plant Stand Dry 

Now that we’ve spray painted our plant stands, let them dry for a few hours (or overnight) making sure they are completely dry before we start adding the rope.

Update any planter stand at home using rope

Step Four: Add the Rope

Grab your cotton rope and untangle it to add it to the painted plant stand.

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How to use rope to upgrade any plant stand at home


Step Five: Secure the Rope 

Start by making a knot on the interior side of the planter to secure the rope. Wrap the metallic stand with the rope, covering the upper base entirely. When you finish covering the base, finish it off with a single knot.

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How to Make DIY Rose Gold Planters Using Rope

And there you have it. Now you’ve got yourself a very stylish DIY outdoor or indoor planter that you’ll love all summer long!

How to Make DIY Rose Gold Planters Using Rope How to DIY a Rose Gold Planter Using Rope

Images courtesy of Maca Atencio



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