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Smart Home Features for Accessibility That Make My Life So Much Easier

Smart Home Features for Accessibility That Make My Life So Much Easier

As technology continues to advance, innovative home systems are becoming more prevalent in homes across the world. While these systems offer convenience and efficiency, they can also benefit people with disabilities. As someone with a physical disability, I have found that smart home features for accessibility have been vital in making my life and independence possible.


Sart home features for accessibility - person on phone

Smart Home Technology for My Needs

First, I researched which home system would best suit my personal needs. That research led me to a pre-wired house system. I have no finger dexterity due to paralysis, so I generally need to control my home environment with as little physical effort as possible. For example, using my smartphone, I can adjust the temperature, turn on lights, and even open and close blinds without getting up physically. This may seem small, but it can be life-changing for someone with mobility impairments.

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Smart phone features for accessibility - security camera

Safety First

Perhaps most importantly, my intelligent home system includes cameras that allow me to monitor my surroundings. This feature is particularly important for people with disabilities who may be more vulnerable to theft, burglary, or other security concerns. I also live with a great deal of anxiety due to the inability to fend for myself physically, so having eyes on all of my surroundings has given me a lot more peace, especially when I’m alone. With my innovative home system, I can monitor my home from my smartphone and receive alerts if anything unexpected occurs.

Smart Home Features For Accessibility

In addition, voice recognition has come a long way in allowing me to control my home with verbal commands. This feature has been particularly helpful for people with quadriplegia who struggle with complex remotes/devices or when they cannot use their smartphones. For example, with a straightforward voice command or set protocols, I can turn on TVs, adjust the thermostat, set room themes or even set my favourite playlist for a party!

I have also begun researching different technologies that can be implemented into my wheelchair’s Bluetooth. The wheelchair manufacturer told me they’re developing a way to allow me to control my home tech from my wheelchair’s dashboard screen! Updates to follow!


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Light switch - smart home feature

My Customized Home

Finally, my smart home system includes features allowing me to customize my home environment to meet my needs. For example, I can set up detailed lighting profiles that help me to see better at night or in low-light situations. I can also adjust the temperature in my house to be cooler when I leave to save money and be set to my liking when I arrive home, as I suffer from temperature regulation issues due to my spinal cord injury.

Smart home app and smart home security in closet

Smart home features for accessibility have made an enormous difference in my life. As previously mentioned, most of these upgrades were things I complimented in the pre-build of my accessible home. These additions did come with a hefty price tag. With that said, in the years since, there have been many advancements in technology that are more financially accessible to everyone. Many of these systems can be found on Amazon and efficiently implemented and retrofitted into any pre-existing home, which is excellent!

From controlling my home environment and monitoring my surroundings, these features have given me greater independence and peace of mind. If you or someone you know lives with a disability, I highly recommend exploring the many smart home options available today. With the right system, you can enjoy greater comfort, security, and independence in your home.

Feature image courtesy of Getty Images. All other photos courtesy of Taylor Lindsay-Noel. 

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