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How to Keep Your Home, Pets and Family Safe While Navigating Your New Routine

Renovated home kitchen table area from Making It Home with Kortney and Kenny

There’s no denying that the global pandemic has changed how we live, work and interact in the world – but as we navigate the uncertainty to find a “new normal,” it’s time to assess if our spaces are set up to keep our families, pets and houses safe and protected.


As Kortney Wilson and Kenny Brain show us on Making It Home with Kortney & Kenny, the right products make you feel totally taken care of. Read on to see how the wide range of TELUS SmartHome Security features can help you overcome some of the most common challenges as you transition into a new routine.

Use Smart Locks and Plugs Shrink Back-to-Work Stress

If you’ve spent the past year or more working from home, you may be shifting towards a return to the office. For those of us moving back towards an office routine, concerns over things that you didn’t need to worry about when you were home – like knowing the front door is locked when you rush out for your commute or making sure your hair straightener is turned off – don’t have to be an issue.

The Smart Locks that Kortney and Kenny used here let you lock your front door from the convenience of your phone. And, if you’re anxious about forgetting to turn off hot appliances, TELUS Smart Plugs allow you to control your appliances remotely!

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Check in on Your Pets From Your Phone

During the pandemic, many of us turned to furry friends for companionship. But with more opportunities to spend time away from home, you’ll want to prepare your pets (and yourself) with ways to stay connected while you’re away – like indoor security cameras with two-way voice to digitally check in on your pet, wherever you are.

You might even find yourself worried about your pet being too hot or cold – a TELUS Smart Thermostat automatically adjusts throughout the day to keep the temperature just right for your furry loved ones.


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Make it Seem Like You’re Home – Even When You’re Travelling

As much as we love a good backyard staycation, satisfying your wanderlust with a few days or weeks to enjoy some new scenery is more than a little exciting. Before you set out to explore one of Canada’s hidden gems, it’s smart to set your home up to be as secure as possible while you’re travelling.

TELUS home security features that let you monitor and control your home from afar are key. The integrated app houses all security and automation functions like the TELUS Smart Light Bulbs that Kortney and Kenny used in this home renovation. Smart Light Bulbs are energy efficient all year long and can be turned on and off while you’re on the go. You can also set up integrated actions to trigger lights when your cameras detect animals, people and vehicles to help keep intruders away.

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Get After-School Alerts for Back-to-School Safety

If you have older children, knowing they have returned home after the last bell rings is invaluable when you can’t be there in person. Setting up a TELUS outdoor security camera is a great way to check right from your phone that your kids have arrived home safely. And, as Kortney and Kenny showed with this digital door lock, you can even get alerts when the door is opened and locked for added peace of mind.

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Keep an Eye on Your Cottage – From Anywhere

If you’re lucky enough to have a cottage, it’s probably the first place you want to head for a bit of relaxation – but owning a holiday home also means another property to keep an eye on. That’s why you’ll want to ensure you’re onside with home insurance guidelines and use tools like secured entries and smart sensors for any vacation home.

Flood Sensors detect and notify you if a pipe leaks – so you’ll always be able to react and prevent major damage right away. Installing state-of-the-art Smart cameras at your cottage can offer added security while you’re away – or even just give you the ability to watch any wildlife that wanders onto your property.

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Are you (and your home) prepared to ease into new routines? Contact TELUS SmartHome Security today to create your custom home security plan.

Don’t miss Making It Home with Kortney & Kenny Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on HGTV Canada, also available on the Global TV App and on STACKTV with Amazon Prime Video Channels. HGTV Canada is available through all major TV service providers.

Images courtesy of HGTV Canada and Getty Images

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