Kenny Brain

Making It Home’s Kenny Brain is a Canadian-born general contractor and carpenter proudly hailing from Grand Falls – Windsor, Newfoundland. A former fashion model, Kenny is best-known for his role as a houseguest on Season 2 of Global’s reality competition series, Big Brother Canada. Since appearing on the show, Kenny set his glinting sights on a career in residential and commercial renovations, spending the past decade skillfully transforming properties in Vancouver, BC, Nashville, TN, Toronto, ON, and now Calgary, AB.

Kenny’s ‘go big or go home’ mentality has served him well and he welcomes every new opportunity with a big heart and an innate sense of humour. His passion for carpentry and renovation sparked in his early twenties after helping some friends renovate their home and cabin. Once he got a taste for transforming spaces, he couldn't let that creative outlet go. With his business degree in tow, Kenny went to trade school to become a carpenter. He approaches his projects with a creative flair and functional mastery that brings innovation and comfort into every space.

Outside of putting in long days on the job site, Kenny loves spending time with his dog and exploring the remote Canadian wilderness. Whether he’s in his beloved fishing lodge in the center of Newfoundland or on a rooftop terrace in the heart of Montreal, home for Kenny is where there is an abundance of creativity, big laughs and music you can dance to.

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