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Bryan and Scott Crown the Renovation Resort Winners in Nail-Biting Finale


After six weeks of renovating a waterfront cottage from the inside out, the Renovation Resort teams were out of steam. But in the April 16 finale, hosts Scott McGillivray and Bryan Baeumler put these duos through the ringer one last time when they asked each team to create a dockside oasis.


The four teams were given everything they needed to craft that final piece of their cabin destinations. Then, Scott and Bryan had the toughest task yet: deciding on the Season 1 winners.

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The Final Twist

Dock with shade and seating from Renovation Resort
HGTV Canada

Creating and putting up these structures was no small job, especially since the teams were only given 10 hours to do so. On top of that, each team had one special item they had to incorporate into their design: a bench, a mosquito net, a hammock for two, or a shade overlay. Then, the designers got to take a peek inside Cabin 5 and go shopping for the rest of their accessories. In the end, each dock became a reflection of the cabins that went with them, with pros and cons to each build.

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The Final Deliberations

Scott McGillivray and Bryan Baeumler
HGTV Canada

This week there were no guest judges because, as Scott and Bryan explained to the teams, they’ve watched their growth from the very beginning. And so, after the final dock challenge, the pair went to a quiet place to hash it out. They went over the pros and cons of each design and the craftsmanship that went into each cabin, and in the end, they decided it was just too close.

Sure, they would name one winner, who would receive a $100,000 prize. But they also decided to reward the second-place team with a four-night stay at Bryan’s Bahamas destination, the Caerula Mar Club.


And the Winner Is…

Renovation Resort teams
HGTV Canada

It was a tough decision, but Bryan and Scott narrowed it down to a top 2: Troy and Rotem, and Kyle and Savannah. The judges loved the craftsmanship and unique touches that went into every single detail of Troy and Rotem’s Mediterranean design, but they were also huge fans of Kyle and Savannah’s romantic retreat.

In the end, Troy and Rotem had the edge with their gorgeous kitchen, dreamy bedrooms, custom arches, and overall experience, boosting them to the big win. Kyle and Savannah were disappointed, sure. But at least they have a romantic getaway to look forward to in the Bahamas, not to mention a renewed respect for each other and all they bring to their partnership.

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RECAP: What Went Down in Episode Six

The race to complete the Renovation Resort cabins is wrapping up, but first, the teams had to tackle their cabin exteriors on the April 9 episode. In order to give guests the full experience, hosts Scott McGillivray and Bryan Baeumler told the competitors their outside builds needed to match their interior themes.

With dwindling budgets to work with and exhaustion setting in, it was one of the toughest challenges yet. But these teams rose to the occasion, impressing Scott, Bryan, and guest judge Carson Arthur. So, whose outside vacation space won them over? Read on to find out.

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A Challenge Close to Home

Ontario cabin with white hydrangeas in the garden
HGTV Canada


From the moment the teams learned they were taking their skills outside, it seemed like it was Kyle and Savannah’s time to shine. Savannah grew up in a landscaping family, and the duo was confident their unique style would win over the judges. Not only did they present one of the most unique cabins with beautiful green accents, but Savannah’s white hydrangeas outside the property were a big hit. Unfortunately, the overall design wasn’t quite enough to pull in the big W, though, much to this duo’s disappointment.

Going Against the Grain

Sauna at a cottage rental
HGTV Canada

In order to really up the vacation experience, each team added a luxe outdoor element to their backyard designs this week. But while Kyle and Savannah, Jena and Sean, and April and Arnold all added a hot tub to their spaces, Troy and Rotem went another route and added this gorgeous (and low-maintenance) sauna.

The judges loved the idea, and the team certainly got bonus points for incorporating it, but in the end, the trio felt as though this couple didn’t really capture the Mediterranean retreat theme outside the way they did inside. And so, Troy and Rotem’s two-week winning streak ended.

An Unexpected Payoff

Black cabin exterior and deck with seating
HGTV Canada

When Jena and Sean built the kitchen of their playful minimalist cabin, the judges didn’t love the giant window opening and lack of a screen. Once the team completed the other side of that window, however, and showed just how much function it adds to the outside, everyone was sold. That element, coupled with all of the seating, activities, and even the outdoor shower, convinced the judges that Jena and Sean was the team of the night—even if they did forget to add some shade.

And with that, the cabins are complete. However, there’s still one more week to go before Bryan and Scott crown a winner, and with all four teams heading into the finale with at least one win, this is still anyone’s competition.


RECAP: What Went Down in Episode Five

By now, the Renovation Resort teams are experienced enough to know there is a ton of work that goes into designing and renovating a rental cabin from top to bottom—and there’s still a ton of work left!

This week, on the April 2 episode of HGTV Canada’s latest renovation challenge series, the four teams had their biggest task yet: Complete two bedrooms and the upstairs bathroom. Add in an unexpected challenge from hosts Scott McGillivray and Bryan Baeumler, in which the teams had to switch roles and build a spot for luggage, and it was a tough week.

So who rose to the challenge and whose executions didn’t quite hit the mark? Read on to find out!

Watch Renovation Resort Sundays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on HGTV Canada, also available on the Global TV App and on STACKTV with Amazon Prime Video Channels, fuboTV, Rogers Ignite TV and Ignite SmartStream.

Risky Business

Dark bathroom with double walk-in shower
HGTV Canada

If you’ve been following the series, you probably recognize April and Arnold’s signature black finishes and pristine renovation work in this reimagined bathroom. In order to put together this double shower, the team did what no other team did, and they closed up the window. It was a risky move, but considering how much more space it gave them, Scott and Bryan approved. With gorgeous tiling and ample guest space, this is the luxe vacation space that hard-working adults deserve.

An Instagram-Worthy Stay

Guest bedroom with neon sign
HGTV Canada


Jena and Sean executed some amazing rooms in this week’s episode, including a cassette tape feature wall that Scott loved, and this Instagram-worthy guest bedroom with its cool sign. Add in a bathroom with unique tiling details, and it seemed like this team was on track for the big W. Unfortunately, they failed to execute this week’s twist and didn’t build a storage space for luggage. So that definitely counted against them when it came time to reveal this week’s winner.

A Winning Design

Dreamy vacation rental featured on Renovation Resort
HGTV Canada

So who did take home the win this week? After visiting each cabin, Scott, Bryan, guest judge/travel writer Natalie Preddie, and her five-year-old son Charlie declared Troy and Rotem the winners. They loved the faux beams in the guest bedroom, as well as the Mediterranean vibes in the bathroom. And maybe most importantly, Charlie fell in love with the second guest bedroom, with its play space and bunk beds.

That means Troy and Rotem now have two wins in a row heading into the final few episodes. Can they keep their momentum going, or will another team come back strong? Tune in next week to find out.

RECAP: What Went Down in Episode Four

Now that the teams have had some time to settle into the flow of Renovation Resort and refine the themes of their cottages, it was time for their biggest challenge yet: The kitchen. Yup, on the March 26 episode, hosts  Scott McGillivray and Bryan Baeumler tasked the contestants with creating the heart of each cottage.

As we’ve come to expect from these creative powerhouses, the results were wildly different.

Pretty in Pink

Pink Kitchen with gold features on Renovation Resort
HGTV Canada


At this point in the competition, with catamaran nets hanging from the lofts and high-tech spaces that pack a visual punch, these teams know they must stand out to win each week. So Savannah did something she’s always dreamed of doing in a kitchen and busted out some dreamy pinks and golds. Kyle helped her deliver, resulting in a stunning room that no one on the show had ever seen before.

Unfortunately, though, as guest judge and foodie Christine Tizzard pointed out, this kitchen lacked one important thing: Prep area and counter space. So while the trio was impressed, this room wasn’t the night’s winning look.

A Mint Job

Arch in kitchen with mint green finishes on Renovation Resort
HGTV Canada

Nope, this week’s honours went to Troy and Rotem, the only team that hadn’t won a challenge heading into Episode 4. Scott, Bryan and Christine were impressed by the Mediterranean theme that continued to flow into the kitchen space with its custom arches and standout green, which took everyone by surprise.

There’s plenty of prep space, a gorgeous backsplash, and lots of storage space to boot—something Scott told the team he was initially worried about when they first revealed their plans.

The Small Things

Bench nook in kitchen with faux skylight on Renocation Resort
HGTV Canada

The real selling point of this kitchen, however, was the built-in bench seating and the custom work that went into creating it. Not only are these benches super comfy, but they add bonus storage space. The piece de resistance, however, was the beams above, which create a light and vibrant European vibe in the space and give the illusion of a skylight. They’re on theme with the boards in the living room and create the ultimate ambiance, not to mention the perfect shot for social media marketing.

With Troy and Rotem’s win, that means each team has a victory heading into next week’s challenge. In others this is still anyone’s game to win… or lose.


RECAP: What Went Down in Episode Three

With the living rooms, primary bedrooms, and bathrooms complete, it was time to turn to lofty ambitions in the March 19 episode of Renovation Resort. Hosts Bryan Baeumler and Scott McGillivray gave the teams complete freedom to transform their loft spaces however they pleased, but there was one catch: each loft had to have two purposes.

Naturally, these contractors and designers couldn’t wait to get to work.

Bringing All the Twists

Sarah Keenleyside on Renovation Resort
HGTV Canada

This is Renovation Resort, so of course, there were a couple of fun twists in Episode 3. As the teams started on their loft designs, Bryan and Scott threw in yet another bonus challenge for the pairs: add a DIY art project to the space that also reflects their personalities.

April wasn’t a huge fan of the twist and had difficulty coming up with the Chicago flag she and Arnold eventually crafted and used to hide their projector. What she was a fan of, though, was this week’s guest judge, Sarah Keenleyside. The designer loved the dark finishes in April and Arnold’s tech cabin, which was a win for April.

Sarah wasn’t so in love with Rotem and Troy’s decision to add a gym to their loft, however, noting she doesn’t go on vacation to work out. Scott disagreed, revealing that many vacationers want to maintain their health while away. It all led to a fun debate with one thing that everyone agreed on: whoever is working out in Rotem and Troy’s loft will have one heck of a view.

Getting Playful

Netted loft space on Renovation Resort
HGTV Canada


Week One winners, Kyle and Savannah, hoped to secure another checkmark in the old W column with their family-inspired loft. It included extra sleeping space and a beautiful DIY, hand-painted ceiling with gold stars. However, the real gamble in this week’s episode came from Jena and Sean, who decided to add an entire netted floor to their loft space.

It was a super risky move — especially for a rental. But if executed properly with the right engineering and safety features, it would add more than 100 extra square feet of living space, plus a ton of marketing potential.

And the Winner Is…

Episode 3 winners on Renovation Resort
HGTV Canada

Luckily for these besties, the netted floor did pay off, and they finally got a win. It was a big victory that they’d been hungry for the entire episode, and even the other teams agreed there was no competing with a catamaran net in the loft.

Now, after three full weeks of competition, the only team that hasn’t won a challenge is Troy and Rotem. That means the couple will face a bit of extra pressure in next week’s episode, but with so many spaces to go (including the kitchen!), they won’t be the only ones feeling the heat.

RECAP: What Went Down in Episode Two

Renovation Resort is underway, and as we saw in a brand new episode on Sunday, March 12, the competition is heating up. The four teams renovating a cabin (hoping to impress co-hosts Bryan Baeumler and Scott McGillivray) got to work on their living room designs in episode 2, further establishing their overall visions of the space.

But with limited budgets, timeframes and yet another twist, that was easier said than done.


A Brand New Guest Judge

Scott McGillivray, Bryan Baeumler and guest judge Heather Greenwood Davis on Renovation Resort.
HGTV Canada

Last week Scott called in Debra Salmoni for help judging these competitors on their design, craftsmanship and rental appeal. This week they called in Canadian travel writer Heather Greenwood Davis for her expert advice. And boy, did she deliver.

With lots of experience in solo and family travel, Davis doled out insightful observations and comments, pointing out all of the things that make for a great living room getaway right now: A touch of tech, tons of personality, and a warm and inviting space that doesn’t feel too precious.

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Another Unexpected Twist

Reusing and old ladder to make a DIY cottage light on Renovation Resort
HGTV Canada

Last week the teams were thrown a curveball when Scott and Bryan surprised them with the entryway design. This week they didn’t tack on an extra room, but they did send the teams on a bit of a scavenger hunt. They each had to pick antique items to integrate into their designs in a unique but meaningful way.

Jena and Sean rose to the occasion with this board, which they transformed into a swing. It may not be the safest addition to a living room, but it sure is cool. They also got super creative with that found ladder on the wall, wrapping it with a modern light to illuminate the space in an Instagram-worthy way.

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This Week’s Winners

A modern fireplace with sheet tiling on Renovation Resort
HGTV Canada

While all of the teams brought impressive elements to their spaces, in the end, the trio of judges decided that April and Arnold were the winners. The guys were impressed with how well Arnold installed the large tile sheets in such a short timeframe, while everyone loved the tech elements they included throughout their space.

Add in rich finishes and pieces that would be good for couples or a family, along with modern touches that add to the overall tech vibe, and this is one dreamy vacation space. Naturally, April and Arnold soaked in all the glory, but the job is only half done and those renovation budgets are dwindling. All four teams face a tough road ahead.


RECAP: What Went Down in Episode One

In the premiere, Scott McGillivray debuted a first look at the waterfront vacation rental property he’s invested in, with five cabins that need to be gutted and reimagined. He also called in the big guns for some help: Bryan Baeumler, fresh from his latest season of Island of Bryan.

Together the guys are overseeing four very different teams as they rebuild these cabins from the ground up in hopes of winning a cash prize. They’ll each have one entire cabin to reimagine while Scott and Bryan work on the fifth cabin.

The first task of the season was renovating and designing a primary bedroom and main bath, along with a stunning entryway that set the tone for the rental. Each team took the task to heart, creating wildly different designs. Meanwhile, Scott’s Vacation House Rules co-star and designer Debra Salmoni joined in on the fun as this week’s guest judge.

The first task of the season was renovating and designing a primary bedroom and main bath, along with a stunning entryway that set the tone for the rental. Each team took the task to heart, creating wildly different designs.

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Cabin 1: Kyle and Savannah Put Her Influencer Background to the Test

Entrance and primary bedroom from Cabin 1 in Renovation Resort
HGTV Canada

In their cabin, Kyle and Savannah created a functional but show-stopping space with lots of storage and design appeal. The judges were fans of how they created an entryway with lots of colour and personality that still allows guests to easily tuck their things away. Meanwhile, Debra was in love with the bird wallpaper Savannah found, which definitely earned this team extra style points.

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Cabin 2: April and Arnold Create a Tech-Friendly Space

A Black and gold feature wall in Cabin 2 from Renovation Resort
HGTV Canada

April and Arnold opted for a drastically darker vibe in their cabin, with plenty of bold finishes and tech additions that align with today’s modern renter. As Scott pointed out, many vacationers also need a bit of extra space to get some work done, so outfitting the cabin with these kinds of details is key.

Meanwhile, all three judges were fans of the gold on the feature wall of this primary bedroom, which stands out in person and in the listing.

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Cabin 3: Jena and Sean Add Rental-Worthy Function

Cabin 3 and a removable floor matt in Renovation Resort
HGTV Canada

Jena and Sean opted for a mix of dramatic and classic farmhouse finishes with their cabin, creating an exciting space with a mix of ideas. There’s a selfie wall with customizable messaging that adds instant marketing potential, plus a bench with storage opportunities underneath.

The real winning element of this design, however, is the removable mat tiling below. During the winter, Scott could hypothetically cover the entire rental with this mat, protecting the floors below from renters and their typical wear-and-tear.

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Cabin 4: Troy and Rotem Craft a Modern European Vibe

Cabin 4 and European vibes in Renovation Resort
HGTV Canada

Stepping inside Troy and Rotem’s cabin was a breath of fresh, saltwater-filled air. That’s because they relied heavily on Mediterranean and European vibes with their design, crafting a space that’s light, airy and full of luxe touches. Think arches in the halls, beautiful brick-inspired tiling in the entry, and plenty of custom finishes throughout.

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And the Winner Is…

Kyle and Savannah in Renovation Resort
HGTV Canada


Ultimately, Scott, Bryan and Debra could only pick one first-round winner, and they settled on Kyle and Savannah’s creative but functional cabin. The judges felt their flooring could have been more unified or thematic throughout the different rooms, but they were fans of how much storage the couple integrated throughout while also piecing together unique design elements you might not find in other rentals.

The competition isn’t over yet, though—not with so much left to put together in these cabins. At this point, it’s anyone’s game so keep watching and check back in for weekly highlights.

Catch Renovation Resort Sundays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on HGTV Canada, also available on the Global TV App and on STACKTV with Amazon Prime Video Channels, fuboTV, Rogers Ignite TV and Ignite SmartStream.


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