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Capture Magical Moments With Your Pets at This Toronto Photography Studio

Capture Magical Moments With Your Pets at This Toronto Photography Studio

Dogs, cats, birds and rats are just some of the cute and adorable pets the team at One2Pets has photographed over the years. Canadians love their pets and are always finding ways to make their home more accessible, fun and safe for their furry friends. At One2Pets, the team is always eager and ready to find new and exciting ways to pay tribute to your beloved pet in a way that compliments your home aesthetic.


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dog pets

Passion project turned business

One2Pets founders Dion and Rosalie never imagined their passion for creative arts would lead them to start their own pet photography business. Dion is active as a commercial photographer, while Rosalie works as a professional makeup artist. They constantly collaborate together on projects for clients, proudly operating as an LGBTQ+ women-owned business.

In 2019, the couple was involved in supporting a fundraiser for a wildlife protection organization during the Australian wildfire crisis. “We took all the photography and donated all the earnings to the Australian Koala Foundation,” says Rosalie. “After this event, we got a ton of feedback to take more pet photography, so ended up making it a part of our business.” Dion and Rosalie continue to work closely with multiple pet-friendly organizations in an effort to give back whenever possible.

Making memories with your pets

One2Pets set designs are gorgeously crafted. “Rosalie is in charge of all the set designs,” says Dion. Rosalie’s intention is to make sure the sets stand out and are pet-friendly. Rosalie is a big fan of natural colours and botanicals. Rosalie is able to effortlessly integrate modern sensibilities into the layout. Much of Rosalie’s inspiration is drawn from seasonal trends and sometimes even video games like Animal Crossing.

Apart from crafting these sets is also to make sure that the client feels comfortable with their pet. “Most people are camera shy,” says Dion. “Our goal is to create an environment where everyone, including the pet owner, feels excited and comfortable.”


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owner and pets

Pets are like kids

Dion and Rosalie own pets of their own named Noodle, a maltese and Kiwi, a corgi. In some ways, the pair act as support dogs to other more anxious pets visiting the studio. “Patience is key,” explains Rosalie. “When working with new pets, you never know how they will react to the environment.” Pets are a lot like kids; temperamental, excitable, and, most times, confused. Rosalie explains that there have been times when they both questioned whether pet photography was the right path.

Right now, the market isn’t oversaturated with pet photographers. However, the business proved challenging, especially working with pets. Thankfully, Dion and Rosalie persevered and carved an important space in the pet-owners scene in Toronto. Thanks to their diligent work, they’ve been able to attract new clients daily. If you’re in the market for beautiful pet photography with your furry friend, look no further than One2Pets. Click here to book a photoshoot.

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Images courtesy of One2Pets. 

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