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Keeping Up With Randy Spracklin

Randy Spacklin
HGTV Canada

The king of construction and Rock Solid Builds, Randy Spracklin has been up to a bunch these days. From family time to good eats, and even reacquainting with painting. Next on his list? Opening up his new cafe — a venture Randy has been dreaming about for ages. Read on to learn more about our chit-chat with Randy and what he’s been up to.


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How are Melissa and the kids doing? 

“Everyone is great. Grady’s now eight and in grade 2. And our big girl Rhiannon is five and in Kinderstart— that’s what we call pre-K out here in Newfoundland. Hard to believe it’s already been five years since we started filming the show. Time flies when you’re having fun. Melissa is super busy as always, keeping everything and everyone on track — from our business to the kids’ activity schedules. And the kids are already looking forward to baseball season! Time flies when you’re having fun.”


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What have you been cooking most in your kitchen lately? 

“All kind of things. There’s nothing like a good feed of fish and chips. But baking is what I like to do most. I’ll bake whatever pops into my mind. I might see a video with a good pastry and I just have to try it. When I bake bread, I always remember my grandmother. I used to help her all the time. Right now, I’m really trying to master the croissant. Oh, and I want to start making sour dough so if you’ve got a solid recipe, please pass it along.”

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What were your biggest accomplishments of 2023?

“I’m still humble — but there were quite a few. The show was nominated for a Canadian Screen Award, and it was the first time I ever attended a big awards show. It was especially nice that the Old Man got to come along. Plus, I got to speak on stage at the home and garden show for the first time ever, and was so happy that the kids got to attend and see me on stage. We’ve also expanded our woodshop since we’re now doing full custom kitchens in house. Plus, I’m fixing to open a coffee shop and bakery in Brigus.”

What are you most looking forward to in 2024? 

“I’m definitely looking forward to opening up the new coffee shop, Vindicator Press. And on the construction side of things, we have a lot of interesting projects just starting up. I’m counting the days until spring so we can dive in. Also, we currently have a big housing crunch in Newfoundland, so we’re looking at building modular homes. The Newfound team can build everything right here on site and then ship them anywhere. So keep an eye out for that.”



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Any plans to travel across Canada this year? 

“We went to Calgary last year with the kids and got to see Banff. And then visited Toronto and cheered on the Blue Jays. This year we’d like to check out Prince Edward Island and eventually explore more of BC. I love sightseeing and visiting bakeries.”

Have you had any time to pick up a new hobby since we last saw you? 

“I can’t say it’s a new hobby, but I’ve started painting again. As a kid I loved to draw and paint, and now the kids are in on it. Grady and Rhiannon are at the age to start picking it up, and we love having paint night. It’s so sweet to see them at work. I love it.”

If you could drop everything and do one thing right now with your family, what would it be? 

“That’s easy — we would travel. Jump on a plane or get in the car and just go. No plan, just all of us together, finding the next place to visit. Any day you can drop everything and spend the day with the kids, whatever you end up doing, that’s always the best.”


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How has the rest of the cast been since last season? Any news to share across the team? 

“The team is doing great, everyone’s got a new story to tell. We all went on a weekend ATV trip last year and we’re definitely planning on doing that again.”

What is your favourite song at the moment? 

“I love all kinds of music, but you’ve got to love Newfoundland music. I’d say Rum Ragged, Ghost in the Fog is my favourite Newfoundland song. And my favourite Country song would have to be Luke Combs, Love you Anyway.”

Any movies or shows you’ve been hooked on recently? 

“We’re hooked on Home Improvement from the early 90s. I used to watch it with my Old Man back in the day and now me and the kids are into it. One night we were watching and I said to Grady, “Tim looks old.” Then I looked up his age on that season—and he was the same age as me right now! Too funny. I was Grady’s age when I first started watching it.”



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Talking renos, are there any renovation trends that have caught your eye? 

“I especially love it when you take an old home and give it a modern twist. I see tons of old homes that I’d like to get my hands on. But the truth is, I just love taking any project and turning it into the homeowner’s dream. We kinda have a knack for that!”

Lastly, what is a game-changing home or life hack you think everybody should know about? 

“If you have dirty hands after a hard day’s work and soap alone won’t do the trick, mix together some butter and sugar and rub it between your hands and they’ll be clean in no time. Also, try mixing together some water and wood glue and brush it on wood knots to help keep them from bleeding through the paint. Works every time.”

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