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Catching Up With Nicole Babb

Nicole Babb in pink hard hat
Instagram @sher_beauty

When we think of interior design certain things come to mind: Styles, palettes, aesthetics. What might not come to mind is emotion, but it should. Fundamentally, creating a space that evokes a sense of emotion, for whoever is in that space, is what design is for. While recently catching up with Nicole Babb, we discussed inspiration, passion projects, and design on a more emotional level.


Viewers last saw Nicole on HGTV Canada’s hit show, Styled, alongside co-host and best friend Caffery Vanhorne. Since then, most of her projects have been off-screen, but she’s been anything but idle.

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What’s Influencing Her Designs

“The beauty of life is experiencing all the steps.” Balancing life and work is never as simple as it should be, but lately Nicole has been allowing each to fuel the other. Allowing travel and life to inspire her has in turn fueled the want to see and experience new design styles. “I’ve been traveling a lot. I was in Europe and Jamaica. I’ve been working on some design projects. I’m also working on a scent.” As someone who considers every aspect of a space, it’s not surprising that she’s branching out to make her spaces smell as good as they look. “I have the nose of a dog, and I think I’ve never heard anybody say they don’t like vanilla.”

Who Inspires Her

Finding inspiration for her aesthetics doesn’t just come from various places and cultures but the individuals that make them up. We asked Nicole who were her biggest inspirations. “My mom is my biggest role model in life. She just has that gift of caring and giving, and I definitely look up to her for that.” While speaking about her mother’s way of identifying with new people, it’s hard to not notice how Nicole does the same through the spaces she creates.



Nicole Babb and Nike Onile together with flowers
Instagram @rayjaee

Why Design is so Important to Her

“In terms of design [inspirations], one of my friends who just passed away.” As Nicole began to speak about her late friend, it was impossible to not feel moved by the regard she held. “Her name was Nike Onile, she was 39. She was so talented, and she always showed up. What I loved about her design was it incorporated wellness. When she got diagnosed, she incorporated wellness into all of her designs, to be like, this is a part of living.”

For Nicole, design, both in fashion and interior, is an extension of who we really are. It’s always been a form of expression for her, but through her friend Nike, she was shown that it is also a means of communicating and fulfilling your own needs. “She was a really big advocate for how important space is for your mental health, and it’s something I personally use in how I design spaces.”

Biggest Lesson of 2023

“I don’t think life is a race. I think it’s the journey.” Difficult years are often the ones that teach us the most. 2023 is in the past, but the growth from it sticks around. “I think it’s the journey, the day to day. I think people just want to get to their end goal, but the beauty of it all is experiencing the steps.”

Biggest Accomplishment of 2023

When asked on what her biggest accomplishment was in 2023, she said slowing down. “I said no to a lot of things, I realized that no is a full sentence. I’d rather not just do things for the money, but to do things that I’m passionate about. I’ve got this really good relationship with the biggest food banks here in Toronto, so that’s something that I’m proud of.”

Her Favorite Hobbies

“I’ve been doing yoga, which is something I go back and forth with. It’s so good to work on your mind and body, and just taking the time to breathe.” Nicole is about as busy as a person can get, but maintaining a foundation of health makes it all just a little more manageable. “It has been challenging, but fun at the same time.”


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Where to Next?

On top of all the travel she did in 2023, she’s planned even more for this year. “I’m actually going to Colombia, Europe, and Asia.” All of which are sure to be beautiful, but they’re not all R&R. “I’ve realized that a lot of people ask me just as much about fashion as they do design. I’m really into the fashion world, just exposure and seeing how parallel fashion is with home decor and interiors.”

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Her Dream Client

Knowing the impressive clientele Nicole has had in the past, we had to ask if she had any dream celebrity clients. “Fun fact, I used to be a stand-in. The actress and director, Meagan Good, I was her stand-in. She was one of the nicest people that I’ve ever worked with. I would love to work with her again, but this time designing her space.” Now, our fingers are crossed, patiently awaiting that episode of Styled.

Nicole’s Design Predictions

“I think people are gravitating towards softness.” Always one to stay ahead of the curve, it’s no surprise that Nicole has lots of theories on the upcoming seasons. “Warmth, the textures of having warm colours in a space. Monochromatic rooms, I think, is going to be more of a thing. It’s always good to have a base of something neutral, but I think people are willing to be more experimental.”


Catch up on HGTV Canada’s Styled, available to Stream Live or On-Demand with STACKTV. Try it free today!

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