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Celebrate Pride With This Stylish Jesmonite Tray DIY Idea

Celebrate Pride With This Stylish Jesmonite Tray DIY Idea

If you’re into crafting as much as we are, you have heard the word ‘Jesmonite’ all over social media and we are loving it. Pride month is officially here and we are so excited to put our creative juices to test with this stylish Jesmonite tray DIY idea.


If you haven’t already heard of it, Jesmonite is a non toxic, eco-friendly versatile material that will achieve a high-end cement look in the fraction of the time, win!

@hgtvcanada a cute and fun way to keep the 🏳️‍🌈 rainbow on display ✨ #rainbowtray #pride #pridemonth #jesmonitecraft #diyjewelrydisplay ♬ original sound – Ju 💌

Let’s do it!

Materials Required:

  • Jesmonite Kit
  • Scale
  • Gloves
  • Your favourite silicone mold
  • Two bowls or carton cups
  • Acrylic paint in different colours
  • Paint brushes

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Step One: Let’s Learn How To Make Your Jesmonite Mix 

Firstly, Jesmonite is very easy to use and you will be impressed with the fast results. This compound is made from two parts: liquid and powder, and you will need to measure them in separate bowls or cups using a scale.

To start, the ratio needed for both parts is 2.5:1 by weight, meaning you will need 300g of powder and 125g liquid to finish this specific DIY. Wear your gloves and start measuring the powder on the scale, followed by the powder. Mix them both quickly until you achieve a smooth mixture.

Tip: Be quick! as the Jesmonite tends to dry very fast when both compounds are mixed together.

Step Two: Pour Your Mix Into A Mold (and Have Fun!)

Let’s jump into pouring the mixture using a silicone mold. Place your favourite mold on a flat surface (very important) and pour the mix very slowly and evenly, covering the corners and avoiding air bubbles.

Once you finish filling the mold, tap the sides gently to distribute the mix evenly and smooth out the finish.

The drying process will vary depending on the mold size and weight, usually in less than an hour all the Jesmonite pieces are set and ready to unmold.

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Step Three: Paint!

To celebrate Pride, we picked a fun colour palette to decorate our stylish Jesmonite tray DIY. Using acrylic paint and paint brushes, paint your tray (we did a rainbow) and let it dry to touch for approximately 15 minutes.

Isn’t it beautiful what you can achieve with Jesmonite? We can’t wait to make a ton more craft ideas for you, soon!

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Images Courtesy of Maca Atencio

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