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Income Property FAQs

Income Property FAQs



With 100 episodes of Income Property under my belt, I’ve learned that there are certain questions that come up over and over again. Below are the answers to some of my most frequently asked questions so you never have to wonder again!

Do the homeowners get to keep the furniture?

This is easily the number one question I get asked about the show. The answer? No. We stage the spaces so homeowners can see their new income suite at its full potential. We also give our homeowners photos of the staged space to use for their listings so prospective tenants can see all the potential it has to offer.

Can Scott come and renovate my house?

Listen, I wish I could help everyone who writes and asks for help. The reality is that because of the Income Property filming schedule I’m unable to take on any projects outside the show. The best way to get me to renovate your house is to apply for the show. Go to for more information and good luck!

Can you recommend a contractor in my area?

I get an overwhelming amount of requests for recommendations for tradespeople, and while I can’t suggest an individual contractor in your area, I always start by doing my research. Check out the website for reputable contractors in your area.

I’ve also provided a checklist below that I use to find good trades:

  1. Ask family and friends for recommendations. Word of mouth is often the best and most honest advertising.
  2. Phone the tradespeople on your list, interview each of them and include the following questions:
    Are they licensed?
    Do they have insurance?
    How long have they been in business for and what is there area of expertise?
    How much money do they require as a down payment for the work?
    How much time do they expect the project to take?
    Can they provide you with a number of references and photos of recent projects?
    Do they guarantee their work?
  3. Think about the interaction you had with the company or individual during your interview – were they courteous, knowledgeable and forthcoming with information and references? A first impression is a pretty good indicator of your future interactions.
  4. Next, follow up on the references provided. Ask about their experiences and if the work met the expectations of the contract.
  5. Get bids from a number of different companies and when you’re ready to proceed, be sure to get all of the details in a written contract and review it carefully. Ask questions if you have them.
  6. Finally, never pay the full amount until the job is completed and you are satisfied with the work.

Do you pick the properties that the homeowners tour or do they?

It depends. We have lengthy meetings with our homeowners before we ever start filming and really try to get a grasp of their house-hunting journey. Sometimes they have properties to bring to the table and sometimes we like to throw in properties that either complement their search or show them something they never would have considered on their own.

What computer program to you use to create the options layouts?


We use a CAD (computer-aided design) program to create the floorplans for the two options. Once the homeowners choose an option the CAD drawings are animated by a graphics company into what you see on the show.

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