Casting Call

Decked Out’s Paul Lafrance is bringing his one-of-a-kind ideas indoors!

Decked Out’s Paul Lafrance is bringing his one-of-a-kind ideas indoors!

Paul Lafrance of the hit TV show Decked Out is looking for indoor projects to feature on HGTV Canada's new series Custom Built! Whether you're seeking a multi-purpose space or an outside-the-box storage solution, Paul adds a unique twist that makes each renovation truly one-of-a-kind!

Paul is looking for homeowners in the Greater Toronto Area who:

•Have a unique and exciting indoor project to complete
•Can contribute a minimum of $20,000 for a renovation

•Can take a few days off work
•Can find alternate accommodations for the last day or two of the project
•Most importantly, have a positive attitude and great sense of humour!

To find out more, email with the words Custom Built and your location in the subject line. Please also provide the following:

1.Your name, address and phone number.
2.What your project is about, and what your budget is.
3.Photos of you and the project or space.
We can’t wait to hear from you!

Creating Spaces In Impossible Places with The Expandables!

Creating Spaces In Impossible Places with The Expandables!

If you love your home and neighbourhood, but you're running out of space, The Expandables can help! What might have been the perfect house when you bought it just might not be growing with your changing needs. Enter contractor Rob Evans and designer Mia Parres to come up with cleaver solutions to give you a more livable space - without adding a single square foot! When you can't make your house bigger, make it better with help from The Expandables!

If you're interested in having Rob and his team work their magic at your home, please consider the fact that:

    •You must own your home, and live within the Greater Toronto Area
    •You are outgoing and excited about having your space renovated on TV
    •You must be willing to find alternate accommodations for the duration of the renovation
    •Budgets vary depending on the scope of a project, but you must be able to contribute a minimum of $25,000 towards the renovation
    •You cannot have previously appeared on another reality TV show
    •You must be willing and able to take several days off work to film


    Apply online at:!the-expandable-application/c1ugh

    ATTENTION…. All homeowners in need of a RENO!

    ATTENTION…. All homeowners in need of a RENO!

    Whether it's a leaky roof, an out-dated kitchen or a moldy basement, everyone has a room in their home that they wished could be brought back to life. But is your reno something you 'want' or something you 'need'?


    Popular HGTV host Bryan Baeumler is looking for YOU to be in the next season of Leave it to Bryan! Armed with his expertise, a tool belt and sharp wit, you have to be prepared to sit back and let Bryan take the reigns of your renovation!


    If you'd like Bryan to overhaul your room from dungeon to palace, here's the criteria ~ you MUST:


    •Own your house & reside within the GTA or Oakville area
    •Have THREE (minimum) or more possible renovations that you would be willing to renovate – We consider outdoor spaces too!
    •The show provides discounted renovations. Homeowners must be able to put in a minimum of $20,000
    •Be fun & extroverted people willing to challenge Bryan to a verbal duel
    Be able to take several days off work to film the show
    •Not an ACTRA member
    •Have not been on another reality TV show


    We're looking for an assortment of renovation-needy spaces desperate for a gut, and needing glory! Please fill out questionnaire below & include photos of yourselves and of the spaces that you've pitched for renovation. Apply at:

    1. Names, Address & Contact info (phone #s, emails) for both people.
    2. Briefly describe the THREE ROOMS you want to renovate & why?
    a) What do they look like now?
    b) What do you want to do?
    3. What's stopping you from going forward?
    4. What's your budget you have to work with?


    Apply ASAP to email above! Good luck!

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