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IKEA’s New Collab is the Colour Therapy We All Need Right Now

IKEA’s New Collab is the Colour Therapy We All Need Right Now

Get ready to inject your home with a much-needed dose of vibrant colour this spring thanks to IKEA’s new collaboration with the acclaimed Dutch design duo, Raw Color.


The IKEA TESAMMANS Collection aims to showcase how hues can play with their surroundings, creating harmony in our living spaces. By emphasizing the power of colour, the limited collection looks to encourage people to embrace the mood-enhancing qualities of each item and “bring joy and colourful character to their homes.”

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“We have an emotional and intuitive approach to colour, exploring how different shades interact to enhance each other,” says Christoph Brach of Raw Color. “Colours are never alone; they need company and it’s much like a recipe where finding the right balance is key for an object to truly sparkle.”

The TESAMMANS collection will feature 18 colour-happy products, and will launch across all IKEA markets in April 2024. Here’s a look at five pieces we can’t wait to add to our spaces this spring.

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Throw Blanket

A throw blanket with with graphic lines and solid colours.

This knitted throw features graphic lines and solid colours that, from a distance, appear to blend into a single hue. When you take a closer look, each separate colour emerges. It would be a welcome addition to any monochromatic living room or bedroom.

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Wall Clock

An abstract wall clock with three layers in dark green, light pink and dark blue.

A functional and highly stylish wall clock, the gaps in each layer line up perfectly twice a minute to create a visually stunning moiré pattern. Consider it for your kitchen or home office, lending a dash of personality.

Lamp Shade

A modern lampshade with three stacked shades in dark orange, light orange and light pink.


These stacked lamp shades transition from darker to lighter tones, and can be used for table lamps or as hanging pendant lights. They’re also available in two sizes.

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Trolley Storage Cart

A trolley storage cart in mustard yellow, bright orange and light pink.

Not only is this storage cart on wheels vibrant and full of life, but it provides easy access from various angles, making it a versatile addition to any space.

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Brown and pink drinking glasses with light blue water carafes.

These pale pink and light brown drinking glasses double as works of art. Whether you add them to your bar cart or your everyday drinkware collection, they’ll add a happy hit of colour to your kitchen (and are a great option to display on open shelving).

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