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How to Gift Wrap Like a Pro

professional gift wrapping under the Christmas tree
Esther Lee @thiswildheart

Professional-quality gift wrapping requires a combination of the right tools, attention to detail and creativity. From selecting the perfect wrapping paper to perfecting the art of crisp folds and finishing touches, all it takes is some practice to become a true “wrap star.” Whether you’re a seasoned wrapper or a beginner, here are some tips on how you can gift wrap like a pro this holiday season and say goodbye to store-bought gift bags.


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Getting Started

Before you begin wrapping your gifts, it’s important to have the right tools and materials at the ready. Here’s a list of essential items along with a few things that will elevate your gift wrapping if you’re looking for more of a challenge.

  • An assortment of wrapping paper (different patterns and colours)
  • A sharp pair of scissors (or a paper dispenser)
  • Clear cellophane tape (go for a higher quality option so the gift doesn’t pop open early)
  • Gift boxes
  • Tissue paper
  • Bows and ribbon
  • Tags (store-bought or handmade)
  • A hot glue gun (this can be used instead of tape when wrapping gifts)
  • Small pine cones, bells or other decorative items

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Three gifts wrapped in blue and silver on a light blue background and a few ornaments scattered about.

How to Gift Wrap Boxed Items

To wrap a boxed item or any other square or rectangular shaped object with straight edges, here is a step-by-step guide:

  1. If your item requires a box (like clothing), first wrap the item in a sheet or two of tissue paper, and then place it in a gift box. Secure each side of the lid with a small piece of tape so that it doesn’t open while you’re wrapping it.
  2. Next, measure and cut the wrapping paper. For most gifts, you’ll want to cut the width to match the width of the gift and the height should be twice the height of the gift.
  3. Lay the paper on a flat surface with the patterned side down and centre the gift with the bottom of the box facing up.
  4. Centre the gift and fold over one half of the paper, making sure that it’s as tight to the box as possible. Fasten with a piece of tape. Then fold over the other half so that it partially covers the half that is already fastened to the box, again making sure that it’s snug against the box. Fasten it with a piece of tape. If the edge wasn’t cut completely evenly, you can fold it under to create a straighter edge before fastening it with tape.
  5. Neatly fold each end of the gift, keeping the paper as tight to the box as possible. Fasten with enough tape to hold it in place but don’t overdo it. Two or three small pieces will usually do the trick. If the paper was measured correctly, you shouldn’t have to trim any excess. If any trims are required, use sharp scissors and trim as neatly as possible. (For more experienced wrappers, a hot glue gun can be used in place of tape for the previous two steps.)
  6. Flip the gift over and attach a tag, bow, ribbon and other decorative items.

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How to gift wrap like a pro - woman wrapping awkward shaped present for Christmas
Getty Images

How to Gift Wrap Awkwardly-Shaped Items

To wrap items with more challenging shapes, watch the video above or follow these tips:

For something like a stuffed toy, cut a piece of wrapping paper big enough to cover the item. Fold each side into each other with a bit of overlap and tape it. Form two triangles and tape it to form the bottom. Place your item inside the bag and fold the top down. Make two hole punches in the top and fasten with ribbon to close the bag.

For a bottle, take a new, reusable napkin or dish towel and wrap it around the bottle. Tie the top — around the neck of the bottle — with ribbon.

For an item like a tumbler or a travel mug, you’ll also want to create a gift bag out of wrapping paper. Follow the same steps as the first example, but make sure you have lots of paper at the top. Accordion fold the top of the bag until you’re close to the item, tie it with string or ribbon, and fan out the top, taping both accordioned sides together in the centre.


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