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How to Make Your Own Grinch Christmas Tree for Under $10

How to make a grinch Christmas tree
Maca Atencio

The holiday season is all about bringing festive cheer to others and what better way to express that than with this DIY mini Grinch Christmas tree? This budget-friendly alternative to the oh-so-popular Grinch Christmas tree trend will add a whimsical touch to your holiday decor without breaking the bank. In this inexpensive DIY guide, we’ll show you how to create your very own mini Grinch Christmas tree, using affordable materials from the dollar store. For less than $10, your home will emanate good festive vibes thanks to this adorable little Christmas tree.


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How to make a grinch Christmas tree

Materials Required:

  • Mini Christmas tree ($4)
  • Red and white twine ($1)
  • Mini red ornament set ($2)
  • Berry decorations ($1.50)
  • Starlight mint hard candy decor ($1)
  • Any big ball ornament
  • Scissors

Total cost of DIY: $9.50

How to make a grinch Christmas tree

Step 1: Set Up the Christmas Tree

Begin the Grinch Christmas tree journey by selecting a small artificial tree from your local dollar store. These trees are an affordable alternative to artificial Christmas trees that are already Grinch-like.

Once your tree is set up at home, wrap it with red and white twine. Then, bend the tip of the tree, creating the iconic red and white stripes that are associated with the mischievous Grinch character.

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How to make a grinch Christmas tree

Step 2: Add Your Decor

Decorate the tree with your red mini ornaments by placing them on the branches and filling in any visible gaps. Then, take your Grinch Christmas tree to the next level by incorporating starlight mint hard candy to the tree. Remove the plastic wrapping from the candies and attach them directly to the branches. The peppermint swirl pattern adds a sweet touch to the tree and creates the perfect Grinch element.

How to make a grinch Christmas tree

Step 3: Decorate the Base of the Tree

Incorporate the berry decorations to the base of the tree to add texture and an extra burst of holiday cheer. Then, to complete the tree, add a big ornament to the top of it, mimicking the actual Christmas tree from the infamous Grinch movie. We filled our large ornament topper with leftover mint hard candies to add an extra surprise for our future holiday guests.

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How to make a grinch Christmas tree

How to make a grinch Christmas tree

And that’s it! You now have your very own mini Grinch Christmas tree. With just a few affordable materials, you can bring all the joyfulness of the holiday season home. Embrace the fun and festive holiday spirit and we’ll see you in our next DIY soon!

How to make a grinch Christmas tree


Images courtesy of Maca Atencio


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