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How to Create Cozy Outdoor Lighting With Dollar Store Finds

How to Create Cozy Outdoor Lighting With Dollar Store Finds

Outdoor lighting can be tricky to find and sometimes it can be really expensive. I love creating solutions to these kinds of problems so you don’t need to spend your time or your money stressing over them! Using three simple and easy to find things, you can have some pretty bohemian-inspired lights for your patio that will set the cozy mood and can be hung in clusters for ultimate artistic effect. Do you want to see what tricks I have up my sleeve? Follow along, friend!


Here is what you will need to create DIY outdoor basket lights:

  • Lightweight baskets in sizes and shapes that look great upside down, preferably symmetrical
  • Sharp scissors or electrical clippers
  • Corded lights with plugs

Step One: Pick Your Baskets

This is the most fun part! You may have some hanging out around the house or you may need to head out and hunt for them. Remember when you are out looking for baskets that you need to find ones that are light and that do not have a heavy weave in the base. You need to be able to cut a hole in the bottom so find baskets that can be cut and not lose their shape.

Step Two: Assemble Materials and Cut the Baskets

Get all of your stuff together! Once you have your baskets grab some electrical clippers (or) sharp scissors and lighting cords. Once you eye up the size of the component where the light bulb goes in, cut a little hole in the bottom of the basket.

Once the hole is cut, feed the cord through the basket. 

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Step Three: Display Your New Outdoor Lighting


Take your lights outside! Grab a few of those hanging hooks and hang them in place. The cool thing about hanging them using the pluggable lights is that you can use electrical cords to fit them where you need.

Note: These basket lights are best for covered outdoor spaces that have protected electrical outlets. Please use halogen bulbs for these so that the inside of these baskets stay nice and cool!

Outdoor lighting does not need to be complicated or hard to find and this type of lighting can be customized too! If you do not like the natural look of the baskets you can spray paint it into whatever colours are highlighted in your patio décor. Have fun!

For more of Tiffany Pratt’s colourful DIY creations, visit the DIY section!

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