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HGTV Quick Fixes to Inspire Your Next DIY Home Project

Dining room with boho pendant light with HGTV Quick Fixes logo
Unsplash/ HGTV Canada

If you’ve been listening to HGTV Quick Fixes on Corus Radio, you know it’s the little things that make all the difference in a home. Whether it’s a fresh coat of paint or finally hanging curtains, these quick projects offer serious upgrades and transform your space with ease! From kitchen must-haves to easy-to-remember tips for picking the perfect lighting, HGTV’s timeless quick fixes will take your house across the home improvement finish line.


Keep reading and get inspired to pick up your tools and tackle a quick fix — and listen to Corus Radio for more helpful tips from top HGTV Canada home experts.

Living room with elegant millwork

1. Add Dimension to Bare Walls with Millwork

What if we told you the difference between your current home and your dream home was a few hours and a quick trip to the hardware store? One of the most desirable features in homes lately is elegant trim and millwork, and while it certainly looks expensive, it doesn’t need to be. After determining what design you’d like, and measuring your wall to ensure what will fit, you can purchase trim at your local hardware store, and have it cut to your exact specifications. Installing the pieces takes patience and precision, but it’s a relatively quick fix for bare walls, and the beauty of elegant millwork is undeniable.

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Kitchen with light wood cabinetry

2. Install Soft-Close Hardware to Existing Drawers and Cupboards

Some of the greatest home upgrades are invisible to the eye, like soft-closing drawers that ensure peace and tranquility in the kitchen. If you’ve ever lived in a home with them, and then moved into a home without them, you’ll notice the downgrade immediately. Thankfully, this quick fix is simple, and it doesn’t require a massive kitchen renovation. You can buy soft-closing drawer hardware to install on most pre-existing drawers and cupboards. Take photos and measurements of your kitchen drawers and cabinets and bring the information to your local hardware store. Seek assistance in finding the correct hardware for your kitchen, and then install it over a weekend. You’ll go from chaos to calm in no time!

Dining room with bohemian pendant light


3. Hang Statement Lighting to Perk Up a Room

One of the easiest ways to perk up a room with personality is through light fixtures. Swapping out a bland bulb with a decorative pendant or chandelier will immediately dictate style (so choose your fixture wisely). Changing a light fixture is an easy project but requires an extra set of hands (or two), so call on family or friends to assist you. And when in doubt, call in a professional.

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White kitchen with brown leather cabinet pulls

4. Swap Out Old Hardware for Contemporary Knobs and Pulls

We promise you, if there’s one quick fix you can handle, it’s switching your old knobs and pulls for something fresh and contemporary. This is one of the easiest ways to upgrade kitchen or bathroom cabinetry, without breaking the bank. Leather pulls, like the ones seen here, add a little Southern California cool to this traditional, white kitchen. But we also love a matte black or bold brass knob. Count your knobs, measure your pulls, and place your order. Swapping them out requires basic hardware and a drop of elbow grease.

House with front porch and hydrangeas

5. Fix Your Curb Appeal in the Blink of an Eye with Bright Blooms

When it comes to curb appeal, there’s nothing a few leafy hydrangeas can’t fix! Planting and caring for them is a breeze, and they’re a pretty hearty flower, which grows larger year after year. But if you’re unwilling to play the long game, arranging a few potted hydrangeas in varying sizes around your front door and down your front steps will achieve the same look as a garden bursting with blooms.

HGTV Quick Fixes

6. Add Storage and Style with Floating Shelves

Floating shelves may not be groundbreaking, but with creative thinking, you can find all sorts of unique spots to hang them, and add form and function to a room in need. We love them as a nightstand solution in a small bedroom, over the back of a toilet for extra bathroom storage, or in a kitchen to display decorative items. When installing them, ensure you’re anchoring the floating shelves securely, so your toilet paper doesn’t go flying!


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Long grey drapes in a boho chic living room

7. Don’t Forget to Add Tiebacks for Curtains

You’ve hung your curtains, you’re a few feet from the finish line, but if you skip the tiebacks, it’s like quitting the marathon right then and there. Claim your trophy, install decorative tie backs to hold your curtains open, and enjoy the beauty of a home improvement project done to completion! Installing them usually requires nothing more than a few screws and a screwdriver!

With projects so simple and affordable, there’s really no reason not to spruce up your home. These quick fix home improvements may seem small, but they make a world of difference to the look and feel of a room. For more inspiring home upgrades and DIY projects from the pros, listen to HGTV Quick Fixes, exclusively on Corus Radio.

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