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7 HGTV Quick Fixes to Inspire Your Next DIY Home Project

7 HGTV Quick Fixes to Inspire Your Next DIY Home Project
Unsplash/HGTV Canada

If you’ve been tuning into HGTV Quick Fixes on Corus Radio, you know it only takes a little to do a lot to improve the look and feel of your home. From small changes in lighting to larger than life wall art, each of these quick fixes will bring you closer to a perfect abode. Read on and get inspired by our favourite quick fixes — and listen to Corus Radio for more helpful tips from top HGTV Canada home experts.


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Opposite Wall

1. Bring Back Life into Bare Walls

Painting a whole room can be a labourious task, and an expensive endeavour. Which is why opting for a peel and stick wallpaper design is exactly what you need. There couldn’t be an easier way to bring some flare back into your space — with tons of geometric, minimalist and timeless designs. Peel and stick wallpapers are easy to install with simple prep work and precision. The best part? If you get tired of the wallpaper design you chose, there are quick and easy ways to swap it out for a new one.

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2. Glowing Gallery Display

If a wallpaper design isn’t your vibe, perhaps a gallery wall will brighten up your space just as well. Gallery walls have been popping off on social media with tons of creators sharing their quirky versions of a gallery wall. Whether you want a linear or sporadic placement, positioning your picture frames in a way that speaks to you only makes your space look and feel more authentic. We like to mix and match with a variety of sizes and frame materials to ensure that overall look doesn’t feel too structured.

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3. Romanticize Your Home with Soft Ambient Lighting 

We all want to feel warm and cozy in our home, and often times the big light just doesn’t cut it. Ambient lighting from lamps and sconces are a gorgeous way to increase the appeal of any space with a soft warm glow. Though accent hanging lights can look quite beautiful, there’s no beating the subtle, sultry feeling of stepping into a space with dim lighting. Plus, this option is twice as affordable since you’re not spending money on a professional to come in and install overhead fixtures.

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West Elm

4. Mantels Made for You

Have you ever wanted the look of a cozy fireplace but wondered how to get it? Many creators on social media have taken it upon themselves to create a faux fireplace to mimic the rustic charm of a real one. All you need is a fireplace mantel of any size and free wall space to place it. We love to fashion our fireplace mantels with books, candles and a variety of tchotchkes to give it an art deco look. Fireplace mantels can either be purchased or thrifted quite easily at your local vintage market.


5. Let Your Closet be Your Runway

Depending on the style of your closet, more often than not, your ability to properly see clothing can be quite limited. An easy and affordable remedy to this is adding a few closet lights. Closet lights can either be fancy and pricey or minimalist and inexpensive. If you’re just looking to illuminate your closet, we suggest grabbing peel and stick pot lights. They can easily suspend from your closet shelf or ceiling, and add a touch of warmth to an otherwise gloomy space. Alternatively, expensive lights can turn a walk-in closet into a showroom with custom fixtures and accents.



6. Bathe with Better Bathroom Fixtures 

The standard shower head and faucets might bode well for a couple years, but long term you’re going to need something more appealing. Often times those starter home fixtures are made with low quality materials that corrode and stain over time. Fixtures using copper or gold will have higher durability to calcification and overall just look better. Regardless of your personal style, making this quick fix to your bathroom will change the way you see this often forgotten reno space.

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7. Swap Old Wall Plates

Sometimes the simplest of changes can make a big difference — especially with wall plates. It’s very common for homeowners to leave the standard white wall plates on their light switch. While that’s fine, it doesn’t always match with the rest of the newly added decor in a space. Easily swap out the wall plate for something chic or with a little pizzazz. Wall plates are an easy and affordable way to spruce up a space without breaking the bank. 

With projects so simple and affordable, there’s really no reason not to give your home a refresh. These quick fix home improvements may seem small, but they make a world of difference to the look and feel of a room. For more inspiring home upgrades and DIY projects from the pros, listen to HGTV Quick Fixes, exclusively on Corus Radio.

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