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How to Decorate Your Home for Fall for Less Than $100

Fall decor on mantel with decorative faux fabric pumpkin
Natalie Ho

As the leaves change shades and the air turns cool, it’s time to embrace the cozy and warm vibes the fall season has to offer. It’s truly the best time of year for a quick decor refresh by introducing a rich colour palette and natural textures into your home.


Even better news: decorating your home for fall doesn’t need to cost a fortune. You can easily transform any living space into a seasonal haven that captures the essence of cozy season. Read on to discover how to update your home for fall under $100.

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Fall Foliage

Gather a few favourite vases you have on hand, and swap out the green and floral stems of the summer season for jewel-toned foliage (think deep reds, burnt orange and yellows). There are plenty of artificial options you can purchase that capture the feeling of autumn at affordable prices. Not only are these great to create a charming centerpiece, but also equally impressive when added to wreaths, mantle displays, or even draped across the dining table.

Pictured below: Fall Stems, HomeSense, $14.99 per bundle.

Red faux fall foliage in beige vase in modern white kitchen
Natalie Ho

Vintage-Style Wall Art

The simple addition of art can instantly transform any space. For the fall season, select prints that have a vintage-inspired oil painting feel. Images such as rolling hills, old farmhouses or seasonable fruits like apples and pears work wonderfully this time of year. You can also source digital options online to print and frame yourself. In terms of hanging artwork, temporary hooks are great for those who might not want to permanently commit.

Pictured below: Vintage-Inspired Canvas Art, Amazon, from $21.99.

Modern white bathroom with vintage-inspired art above toilet
Natalie Ho

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Pumpkins Galore

When we think of autumn, we immediately think of pumpkins. Be sure to seek out elevated and unique faux varieties that aren’t too Halloween inspired. Knit and fabric options are great. Acquire pumpkins in various shapes and sizes and get creative with fun ways to display, stack or arrange them.

Pictured below: Knit Pumpkin, HomeSense, from $12.99.

Modern white mantel with leaning artwork and faux fabric pumpkin for fall decor
Natalie Ho

Wooden Details

Fall decor doesn’t need to be emblazoned with leaves and pumpkins. Introducing cozy warmth can be done subtly. Replace decorative items that use cooler materials such as metal and chrome with warm touches of wood. These details can range anywhere from wall decor and picture frames to small sculptures and table lamps.

Pictured below: Wooden Wifi Sign, Dollarama, $4.

Organized mudroom/entryway with wood bench, wall hooks and beige patterned rug.
Natalie Ho

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If you’re truly on a tight budget but still want to bring in some new items, DIY crafts and thrift shop hunting are also great options. You can easily upcycle an existing decor item at home by giving it a fresh coat of paint or gathering items from your morning walk such as pinecones and branches that can add an extra fall feel at home. Thrift shops have so many great pre-loved items that are vintage inspired or seasonal.

As you can see, with a little bit of creativity and strategic shopping, you can give your home a quick fall makeover for less.

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