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Grandma’s in the Backyard, Kids! Granny Pods Are Becoming a Thing

Grandma’s in the Backyard, Kids! Granny Pods Are Becoming a Thing

Published April 12, 2017, Updated February 12, 2020


Old folks’ homes don’t get the best rap. There’s the questionable food and company and let’s face it, you’re entrusting strangers to care for a beloved grandparent. Plus, for freewheeling seniors used to a life of independence, they now have to abide by someone else’s rules – bummer!

But not anymore: Blacksburg, Virginia-based MEDCottage is the crafty company behind “granny pods” – a trend that has seen an uptick in popularity in 2020, according to Pinterest.

Think of them as glorified guest houses that are placed in your backyard, allowing you to take care of aging family members steps from your pad.

The brainchild of Virginia native Ken Dupin, the 12-feet-by-24-feet pods plug into the main house’s plumbing and electrical, making them an awesome, affordable alternative to a nursing home. Although not available in Canada, who’s to say that a crafty relative or two can’t reconstruct one on their own property?

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The MEDCottage homes come in three styles and range from 299 square feet to 605 square feet. Prices vary from $85,000 to $125,000 (USD).

Below is an example of one model. Isn’t the siding sweet? And the double-glass doors make for a grand entrance.

granny pod in transit

The no-nonsense interiors have a cottage feel and padded floors that are good for arthritic joints and falls. The cottage can also be equipped with a lift attached to a built-in ceiling track, so a caregiver could easily move a patient.    overall granny pod interior TWO 2

The kitchens are kitted out with a small fridge, microwave, washer and dryer and a timed medicine dispenser. Hello, that’s handy!

overall granny pod interior 2


The bathrooms feature safety grab-bars in the showers, easy-to-reach hooks for bathrobes and are spacious and comfortable.bathroom detail granny pod 2

Potential newfangled features include a virtual companion that relays messages (basically, you can talk to Grandma without leaving the main house); extra lighting at knee-level to illuminate walls to avoid tripping; a video monitoring system at knee level for privacy, so you can keep a watch on things and a ventilation system that keeps airborne pathogens in for someone with a compromised immune system.

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Much better than a nursing home, don’t you think? Not to mention so on-trend.

All images courtesy of MEDCottage

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