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These Floating Jack-O-Lanterns Cost Less Than $20 to Make at Home


Who else is excited about Halloween? Whether you’re counting down for cute trick-or-treaters or throwing costume parties with your friends and family, these floating illuminated jack-o-lanterns are sure to add a touch of magic to your fall decor.


Today we’re leaning into the affordable DIY game by staying under a $20 budget. After all, you can find most of these supplies at your local dollar store.

Follow these steps to create these enchanting floating jack-o-lanterns.

Supplies for making floating jack-o-lanterns

Materials Required:

  • Five to six jack-o-lantern buckets (available at the dollar store)
  • Strong fishing wire
  • Flameless candles (battery-operated)
  • Batteries
  • Spray Paint
  • Black acrylic paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Scissors
  • Ceiling Q-hooks or command hooks

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adding fishing wire to pumpkin bucket

Step One: Add Fishing Wire 

Start by removing the handles from the pumpkin buckets and adding a piece of fishing wire through the two holes. Then use your measuring tape to calculate your ceiling height. It will help you determine how long you’ll cut the wire for each bucket. Ensure you secure the wire on both ends with knots, and repeat this for each bucket.

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Person spray painting a bucket blue

Step Two: Spray Paint 

Have fun picking your favourite spray paint colour and add up to three coats of paint to each bucket. Let them dry overnight before the next FUN step.

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A person pouring black paint into a dish and adding black details to a jack-o-lantern

Step Three: Decorate Your Spooky Faces

Now, paint jack-o-lantern faces on your buckets using black acrylic paint and a thin paintbrush. Get creative and use scary smiles, fun eyes and noses, just like you did when you carved pumpkins as a little one.

Floating jack-o-lanterns made from buckets

Step Four: Hang Your Scary Jack-o-Lanterns

Lastly, using ceiling Q-hooks or command hooks, screw in hooks to the ceiling and hang each jack-o-lantern. Turn on the flameless candles, and voila! You just finished this adorable floating jack-o-lantern DIY. Doesn’t it look magical?

If you are in the Halloween mood, check out this guide for more timeless Halloween decorations that will fit any style and budget. Happy spooky season!


Images Courtesy by Maca Atencio


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