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This DIY Wooden Advent Calendar is a Cute Way to Countdown to Christmas


Advent calendars are a timeless holiday tradition that makes for magical childhood memories. If you want to opt for sustainable Christmas decor that you can reuse for future holiday seasons, this is the perfect year to make your own wooden DIY advent calendar. Follow these easy steps for an heirloom-worthy craft that you can pass down for generations.


Canvas bags with various dates written on it as part of a DIY advent calendar craft


  • 2’ x 4’ Sheet of Plywood
  • Jigsaw
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • Coarse and Fine Sandpaper
  • Lint-free cloth
  • Wood stain
  • 24 Mini Clothes pegs
  • Ruler
  • Wood glue
  • 24 Canvas favour bags
  • Black fabric marker or permanent marker
  • Faux greenery
  •  Picture hanging strips


Step One: Use a jigsaw to cut the plywood into a triangle shape, with each side roughly 28 inches long. Then, use a measuring tape and pencil to outline the triangle shape before cutting.

Step Two: Sand the edges with coarse sandpaper until smooth.

Step Three: Sand all surfaces with fine sandpaper.

Step Four: Wipe with a lint-free cloth to remove any sawdust.

Step Five: In a well-ventilated area, apply wood stain to one side of the triangle and the edges.

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Woman holding a wooden peg in the shape of a snowflake

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Step Six: Once it’s dry, glue 24 mini clothes pegs onto the triangle. Use a ruler and pencil to mark where each clothes peg will go to ensure the formation is even.

Step Seven: With a fabric marker (or permanent marker), write numbers 1-24 on the canvas bags. Write them all in unique ways for an extra whimsical touch!

Step Eight: Fill the canvas bags with treats and goodies for the lucky recipient. (Ours is full of dollar store items like balls, toy cars, and stickers for a playful toddler!)

Step Nine: Attach the wooden triangle to the wall with picture hanging strips.

DIY Wooden Advent Calendar

The Craft Aisle

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Step Ten: Hang up the canvas bags on each of the clothes pegs.

Step Eleven: Add sprigs of faux greenery throughout for a festive pop of colour.


Step Twelve: Let the countdown to Christmas begin!

Photos and video courtesy of The Craft Aisle

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